JSKS blindsided Idiocy

I thought JSKS was brilliant in taking advantage of the backward religious church going voter in 254…horror…it’s turning out he is serious…JSKS ni kondoo pia na tutagulwa at 254 expense kama anagula…for now

It is antithetical to be pro afro peoples and human rights and back imperial beberu apartheid moves…that we the new gen declare imbecile…

JSKS will get a formidable opponent soon…254 just needs to rid of Ojinga and open itself to incoming generation…who can see things much better that their predecessors…albeit not any wiser perhaps…

Lakini tukiongea ukweli…hii ujinga ya bibi na bwana wa kanisa…kama prezzi… is always doom for the African collective intellect…

I can bet that if Wanjiku can be secular once more…254 and Africa will retake it’s place in the league of self respecting leaders…and just not lick ass…but channel for collective inclusive human progress…and shun the detractors who are the real terrorist of the human condition…

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I have been saying Ruto is the fattest idiot on earth. Bure kabisa. Ngombe ici

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You voted for him you fool


The sheep are waking up, bro.

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Idiot? Okay. So how did an idiot become:

  1. Commander in Chief?
  2. A billionaire ?
  3. A PhD ?
    I get it that you hate JSKS but calling him an idiot doesn’t make sense whichever metric you use to evaluate his intelligence. Personally I think JSKS is a very smart guy especially when I consider how quickly he rose through the ranks, rebranded after PEV/Hague and even overtook Raila to achieve the presidency in his first stab.

Biden also tried kitambo before Clinton and Obama but eventually he is president now,d democracies work that way nothing is special in JSKS.

Ruto will make history again as 1 term president

So why hasn’t it worked for Raila? And how do you counter the remaining 2 points that JSKS is a billionaire and a PhD. Can you explain how an idiot is capable of achieving all these things?

I did not and will not vote for Ruto but I 10000% guarantee you that guy is serving his two terms liwe liwalo. I can go further and assure you that whoever he supports after his terms is who will rule the nation for the next term

Kwani rao is dead?

RWNBP wake up and smell the coffee. 2022 was his last bullet, Watermelon has ambitions of his own pia yeye.

God is the ultimate source of enlightenment there is no education above God