I am about to make payment for a unit with jpctrade, are they legit guys,anyone who has dealt with them

Yes. I have dealt with them.

Legit guys

Thanks guys ,I appreciate, you can never be to careful in this streets

I have, they are legit lakini that auction system of theirs… Hehehe utangoja saaaana for you to get a moti at the prices you see as past sales… Be ready to chill for over a month or more… Or bid at a higher price than they suggest you should, if you are in a hurry to get your unit…

But the quality of their units is timam kabisa

already made the deposit and won a unit so about to make final payment that’s why I am cautious

Well great!.. Shipping they will be very prompt… they have an office in Kenya as well I think…
Mimi nilisubiri hadi nikaenda kupiga makelele kwa hiyo office yao…

Yes. Very professional, and very prompt. Bill of lading copy wanarusha in record time. Pia documents via DHL. Used them last year

Great i can now go with confidence and make that payment, and hope the vehicles from auction are okay, I got a grade 4 and B interior

very legit dealt with them

Great to hear that you are OK with them. I have an auction account with them and would be willing to help an honest talker learn how it works.

I think all the talkers who have posted here obviously have accounts with them that should be able to work with the auction option… Peana tips kama unapeana ndugu…

Am here! the way please

I would prefer targeted questions. That way I can tell you what my experience is. I’m not a guru if you are looking for one. But I resold some cars from them.

What do you want to know?

Give me a tour…huko

How are they compared to SBT?


What were the other costs other than bid price? Which car were you getting and what was the total cost before taxes? @johnju

let me give you an example, bought a vanguard from auction, first you deposit 10% of the car’s value before bidding, identify the car and bid, the other charges to get the car here are below
Auction Fee-20,500
Pre Inspection-14,500
Inland Transportation-45,000
Ocean Freight-85,000
Road Tax-20,200
Sales Tax-25,100
Others -29,400