Jowie's Lawyer Hassan Nandwa was abducted and is missing

*Security agents came to his home yesterday asking for the men he was with. He was apparantly abducted on Ngong Road where he was following up on a case of missing Bwire Oliacha ( a al shahab member ) guilty of killing 8 Kenyans. He was acquited in Appeals court because his guilty plea was unlawful. Hassan Nandwa is representing Jowie in the murder of Monica Kimani in Kilimani. Police say they are not associated with his disappearance.

Lets review other cases hes been involved in:

-He is defending Simon Wambugu who is suspected in the murder of Kabete MP George Muchai. In that case, Wambugu, plea bargained and agreed to testify for the state ( against the other suspects).
-He is a defence attorney in the Mama Lucy Child trafficking cases. Some doctors have been freed.


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Atpu imefanya Ile Kitu… He’ll be lucky to be released in one piece

Huyu wamejua ndio anahonga judges to subdue free and fair trials. Wacha akufe juu pia yeye ni mkora.

ATPU is a rubber stamp unit … hebu sema CIA’s Rapid Response Team(RRT) within recce.

ATPU chapa works msitishwe alar.

[SIZE=7]Jamaa ako kazi …si nilidhani kazi ni kazi[/SIZE]

Hakuna mtu anahonga judges. Mnakamata watu mkisema wao ni alshabaab, mnapeleka wao kortini lakini hampeani ushaidi, mnataka judge atumie evidence gani kufunga ao watu?
Kama hamna ushaidi wa kutosha si mshoot wao badala ya kupeleka case court bila ushaidi? kuuwa kwenu sio jambo kubwa

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Probably ata finywa makei ndio aseme Siri zote za al shabab

Defending the judiciary in this country is a lie until you are before a judge who rules against you.
Judiciary should be an epitome of logic at times. A terror attack suspect who accepts he did it and is set free because of some illegality in the guilty plea is nonsensical.
Judiciary has failed this country and is continuing to do so.
Lawyers have mastered the art of delaying judgment and cases in courts in collaboration with judges and magistrates.
They are also involved in criminal activities like the one involved in the murder of Tob Cohen. Investigative agencies proved he was at the center of the crime but somehow the courts don’t see that. He is still a judge.

Willie Kimani murder was played.
So no one should open their mouth about missing individuals at the center of terror attack suspects. This one is not even a suspect. He admitted to doing it.

Let ATPU work. We are all victims of an very unjust judiciary system in this country. Whether you know it or not. Hatujaongelea how politicians get away with everything.

He might reappear in somalia, seated crossed legs, issuing some islamic statement against kenyan government.

ATPU at work. Read the post I wrote in the General section earlier this week. Huyu mambo yake imeisha. Anything to do with alshabab and terrorism, wewe kwisha.

Hata huyo kijana achinjwe. Huyu ako karibu kuingia Somalia for terrorist training, if he hasn’t already. Mitoto ya nyoka ni nyoka. Baba yangu, baba yangu tucker tucker.


No empathy for this Bwire guy. Ukisoma the very last paragraph, he pleaded guilty to taking part in two grenade attacks in Nairobi. Yaani against your fellow Kenyans.

Mossad must have tracked exactly who are paying him to defend terrorists.

wauwe hio umbwa mluhya mijinga. anatomba bibi watatu na kazi ni kuwa funded by terrorists

Uncle hii maneno ya kutomba bibu watatu umejua wapi :D:D

Yule security consultant Mwenda Mbijiwe pia alienda hivyo.

kwa video na 2nd wife is older than the first

Was he involved in any terrorism or alshabab stories?

It seems the guy had some skeletons in his cupboard.A case of bouncing cheque he gave to a business partner and maybe Al Shaabab stories too.