Jowie Will Win Appeal

The prosecution failed to prove motive with the judge stating “motive is not important”

Any lawyer worth their salt knows motive is indeed important. The judge admitted there was no motive for jowie to kill monica. They also established that jowie was no mentally sick. The case will collapse on appeal

Walichinja mtu kama mbuzi then they start crying. Why cry in the first place? I thought the emotion would be anxiety, not sadness

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Maybe the long discussion on “motive vs intention” will be established. He stole an ID at Maribe’s place of residence in Langata and used it to access Monica’s place. He also “borrowed” a gun from a resident of the estate where Maribe stayed at that time. All these were done, if I recall very well, days to the murder.
Both are actions done with the intent of committing a crime. I think motive can be drawn from other facts surrounding the case, particularly the fact that there are two other gentlemen who are not mentioned and whose DNA was drawn from the material that was used to restrain Monica.


Stealing an ID is not motive to murder. Furthermore, the prosecution did not prove he stole the ID. There is no evidence of Jowie stealing an ID. He was not caught with an ID, and if the watchman claims he knew jowie before the incident, how did he allow him with a fake ID. BTW the ID is a photo ID, the owner of the ID is a big black jaruo. How did the watchman confuse a big black jaruo with a lighaskin bearded kikuyu man?


Ungekuwa lawyer wa Jowie upeleke logic kama hii kwa koti, kesi ingeisha within 6 weeks after hearing moja pekee.


Kaa ni ukweli Jowie committed the murder why did he do it?.was he just a collateral damage and the big fish is let go? Mtu atuchanue na sio na theories za akina Ndii za bottom up


He will not. Those with the motive have already paid him for services rendered, its his time to face the consequences. Wasichana tunawaambia wakipenda chips wasiogope mimba. Jowie akichukua kibarua alichukua pamoja na risks zenye huambatana na io kibarua


mbwa yeye

Maribe is guilty of perjury

Appealing is a total waste of time

Jowie will e locked up for about 3 years then US gov will get him out because he served as their mercenary overseas.

Ule MBWA wa British Army si aliuwa Malaya Nanyuki and was whisked to England. Bonobos were lied to thta he will be prosecuted and jailed in Kenya.

Kenya is UK/US property and we are just their Slaves


Mbwa wewe. Were you there?

Jowie atafungwa juu ya kitu moja; Premeditation.

Premeditation was already proved. Then Jowie was placed at the scene of crime.

Any appeal is dead on water.


Women are notorious for crying when things don’t go their way. Huonangi mabibi wa ruthless gangsters wakilia kwa tv after their cash cow amekula pamba?? That’s why men are highly advised to ignore women’s tears juu they are professional manipulators.


She should save her tears for the sentencing.

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That is not how appeal works. You have to introduce evidence that was not considered.
And worse, it takes 4-5 years before they can even grant you a hearing.

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Sista wa Jowie ankaa kitu moja swafi sana. And it looks like she doesn’t have a shoulder to lean on during this tough times. Leteni # wadau … rustler nirushe mtama. She’s vulnerable as fuck right now … easy lay.


Baba Panya, I wasn’t there, all I did was, I listened to Justice Nzioka’s notes, and made my ignorant conclusion.

Huyu ali setiwa

Then why did he burn the clothes he was wearing then faked a robbery incident?

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