Jowie Set-up or a Cover-up?

My opinion is he is guilty as f*ck based on all the lies he and misleading tactics he used, but how sure can anyone be that he slayed the mama?

Theoretically, what if they were both attacked by some mafia guys (Monica had been receiving threats due to her shady deals) the attackers came in the house, Jowie akahepa then he returned to the house later & found Monica murdered, then maybe he touched/held her in disbelief hence blood on his clothes.
Then he couldn’t go to/call the cops coz he is also dirty himself (obviously ni mkora plus he was involved in the dirty deals.)

To me he doesn’t come across as a killer, though all the evidence show he’s the one responsible. Chances (however small) are he was lying to cover up for someone (that he obviously fears) heri aende jela than those guys wampate akiwa amesnitch.

My thoughts for today. Blessed day folks.

The guy qas either hired to kill monica, a money laundering mule for south sudanese sanctioned big wigs, or he killed her to get her money that is if what they said about monica being a clqnde to South Sudanese army boss is true.


highly likely

What is worse than being hanged for murder? Why choose hanging/death or life in jail to cover up for another human being?

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true, doesn’t make any sense, angekuwa amesha sema ukweli by now