Jowie Roasted Where He Once Preened

I don’t want to laugh… I really don’t. Tsk, Kenyans

The first sign he is fake was when he started wearing this thing. Why would a solo operator need it, he was being hired as a lone protector but he feels a need to wear a curvy string across his neck. I even suspect it was not hooked up to anything

Romans 6:23.

Yes indeed. Usha sema

Must one always serve some cause?

In the moral viewpoint we must serve either sin or righteousness. When we are freed from the one, we embrace the other. “And being made free from sin we became servants of righteousness.”

What is the end of sin in man? Sin ends in death, which is a penalty; not a profit.

What is the end or “fruit” of righteousness? Righteousness, or right living, leads to consciousness of eternal life. This is the greatest profit that can accrue to anyone.

It’s easier to deter the enemy than to fight them.

A possible attacker will think twice when he is made to believe there is a ring of security around the VIP.
It would be foolish to announce that you are the sole bodyguard.

It’s the same perception that keeps presidential motorcades safe. In reality, most of those cars do absolutely nothing.

by any chance? are you a professional security personel

Hii upuzi ya kujianika social media watu wataacha.

Baba, wengine wetu hatuna time na umama ya Instagram. Twanga screenshot ulete SAA hii pia sisi tucheke.

Kitu ya ufala zaidi ni ati haijaingia ndani ya masikio making the string useless.

How can someone parade so much of himself like that on shosho media with all the selfies? Wau

That’s what vain fake folk do, for likes, compliments and affirmation.

Slayboys are working overtime to appear relevant day in/out.

Inner beauty is most important, these cute guys like Jowie ni balaa tupu. Heri Jackie angebaki na Dennis Itumbi.

I have been observing your views on this and I can tell kuna hekaya umekanyagia mahali…nipe link ama ulete uhondo

:D:D:DYaliyondwele sipite. :slight_smile:

Why you wanna excel in academia and career but not in finding the best looking husband? Then you start lusting after the Pizza delivery guy :smiley:

Looks fade but character is forever. Funny enough my hubs is extremely handsome ata Jowie ni shadow!:rolleyes:[SIZE=1] [/SIZE]I’m not against pretty guys but they must bring something more substantial to the table. Kindness being at the top of the list! I’m very lucky to have married the sweetest, kindest, gentlest soul in the world.

Now if poor Jackie was asked, she wishes she stuck with good,ole Itumbi the guy who serenaded her on live national TV, at least angekuwa akilala kwa bed yake as opposed to a cold, hard floor at the police station! Lakini aliona sura na biceps akachizi.:D:D:D. Damn! :(:frowning:

Just shows how much of a windbag he is.