Jowie msafi kama pamba

wacha nicheke tu :smiley:


Religion is opium saa hii hizo kondooo ziko haireee.

Didn’t this guy just commit murder in cold blood. Enyewe wakenya ni goldfish.

Hehehe njooni wana KONDOO huoni pastor hua anawatusi kila sunday na bado wanarudi? :D:D:D… I would rather be associated with a lion even an antelope lakini sio kondoo

Lakini jamaa iko na talent vizii. Too bad aliamua kuchinja yule dem. Sasa talent itawastia jela.

He might not be jailed ever


Ai… I don’t see how he won’t won’t get jailed. Unless he produces another suspect, ni yeye ndiye watatupa ndani.

The guy was framed for the murder and you’d know this if you have an inquisitive mind.

What about him lying about shooting himself? Didn’t they find a bullet casing under the bed and bullet hole in the wall of Maribe’s bedroom.

Did they? Where does it state the said evidence?

The media houses should not give this guy the platform to market and sell himself. They should wait until the case is over. If he is found innocent then it will be okay.