Jowie irungu sentenced to death

But he can steal appeal within two weeks, right?

This empty-headed diabolical bastard should start getting his mkundu oiled, there is an Onyango in Kamiti who can’t wait to slide his uncircumcised dick into the okuyu ass…

He’s still a virgin to akina Onyi

Nimekuja kunotice there’s some sort of tribal hate you are giving off towards Kikuyu men there’s a comment you said they are weak and can’t handle luo women now this

You need to heal bro … there’s something seriously wrong eating you up and it’s coming out without you even realising

If it makes you feel better Kenya the country you are living in right now is named after the word KERENYAGA a Kikuyu word

You are projecting your inferiority complex of being descendants of fishermen towards the great Kikuyu founding fathers of this nation


Ambia hio jerrychietha okuyu must be respected

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