Jowie has spoilt things for all Slaykings living off women

Jowies in the house get ready to produce IDs,Original certs and bank statements. Women’s families are now warning their daughters of Jowie like fellas and insisting on evidence that the man their daughter is seeing is not a Bum or a Kirimino. Team Jowie hamna bahati, kitumbua kimeingia mchanga.Jowie has blown up your love nest. Better get a job- there are jobs for Jowies including bar tender. Hata kama you left school like Jowie as in you’re too fly to stay in school -theres jobs for you,start looking coz you may be kicked out of madam’s house soon.

As long as women want some good D!ck, and some handsome boys to parade to their friends, trust me Jowies will be around.
Some of this qualities can be found in jobless men.

hehehe … some people have bad judgement. consistently.

That advice will fall on deaf ears as long as DICKlofenac and PENISillline is involved .

Just say that when all these qualities are found in some boy, he is bound to be jobless or unemployable.