Jowie Alikula Monica before Amchinje????

Huyu Jowie naye. Is he a necrophiliac. Hangewacha io ya mwisho due to the circumstances - kuiba dollars na kuchinja mwenyewe ?Kuchinja literally.This story gets insane with every day. How do people get erection under such difficult circumstances .

He used the thrill of BDSM to disarm her. She accepted to be dominated. Submitted to him to tie her up. She agreed to be duck taped. BDSM is some dark sex secret that all these women crave. So she willingly accepted to be tied up. These women crave that 50 shades of gray stuff in real life.[ATTACH=full]198708[/ATTACH][ATTACH=full]198708[/ATTACH]

Was the poosie yours @Matina?

Mzee Abdallah pantambua “Difficult circumstances”.