Joshua vs Klitschko

very nice of kwese

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quite a rare trait in boxing man, but the kid has also worked hard …a win will push him to another level

hii ni tough. its the first time Joshua is fighting a real tough heavyweight. But remember he is a boxing pedigree not seen since Mike Tyson, quite disciplined, and really powerful even for a heavyweight.

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well we’ll wait and see.

everyone love clits

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AJ has taken a huge risk hapa, lakini akishinda his ratings will go thru. the roof and so will his purse size



Watu wana bet wapi ,ild love to put ma bet on AJ

haha am gonna bet on experience this time round… but not a knock out… btw nimeweka hii bet kwa betin

Do we still have those electrifying first round knockouts like Mike Tyson 'em days?

Straight win for Joshua, he’s meeting Klitschko at the tail end of his career. The only thing Klitschko has going for him is his ridiculous reach.
Correcshen: Both men have similar reach (81" for Joshua, 82" for Klitschko), kwa hivyo watamenyana ana kwa ana


but kumbuka Klitschko ako na experience, na ni mtu ako familia na ring, so haita kua rahisi vile, it’s still a close call ma

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He has to take it otherwise he will grow old before climbing up. he started late. he is going to thirties and once you get to mid thirties thats it, the champ starts getting knocked out.

Aj gets paid 15.5 million dollars while Wlad gets 50 m.

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Joshua has 82 klitschko 81. The other way round.

That means the match is in favour of AJ

Joshua has knocked out everyone in his professional career. including some guy that had never been knocked down. The farthest a guy took him is 7th round by the undefeated Dillian Whyte. Klitschko will be the first to stop that trend. In the heavyweight division thats special.

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klitschko has all the disadvantages

  1. he isnt in his prime
  2. Check his fights ,he gets exhausted haraka
  3. Aj has never been knock down
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Umeekea nani ??

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