Joshua vs Klitschko

Match is happening leo usiku pale Wembley stadium, the match has made a record already with the biggest ticket sale so you can bet it’s going to be an interesting one.

Anthony Joshua is 27 years old, 18 fights na his last 4 ame kua na tremendous wins on the other hand wladimir klitschko is 41 the last time he was in the ring was when he was 39 he so far has 22 wins of course ako na more experience than Joshua but pia Joshua ame ji train vizuri na he is turning out to be a formidable person here…

Match will be at 10:10pm British time…that will be kitu 12:10pm eat (if am not wrong…)

Am rooting for joshua to win this…

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:eek::eek::eek:Ati atia???

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Sorry i meant 39


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I thought this guy was a mayor?

you have a small phalus


Vitali is


Chelsea and Tottenham to loose

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una taka kukojolea thread yangu na osungu.dll yako???

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Tottemeffi ndio priority

I have always liked the Klitschko brothers. Who doesn’t love Klits?

I am rooting for AJ. He has a devastating 1-2 punch but he is inexperienced. I don’t think he has faced the kind of opponent he is facing tonight. I see it going 12 rounds.

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It will be a tough one, I doubt AJ can knock out Wlad.

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And it’s airing on Kwese Free Sports


kilichiko ako na ile russian look no nonsense


Kenyan time SAA ngapi?

AJ with a hard-fought win

saa sita na dakika kumi usiku…si utupe odds ya hii mechi?

Joshua is as humble as they come…you rarely get to see modest boxers in the professional sport anymore. Most talk sh*t off the ring…part of the game I guess.
I hope the young brit wins, it will do his confidence and career alot of good.