Josephine Ouko Kisumu County Commissioner

Thursday, 22 July 2021 – A Senior Government official from Kisumu is in the spotlight over her appetite for young boys, famously known as Ben 10s.

Josephine Ouko, who is the Kisumu County Commissioner, was recently left stranded with a young energetic man next to Kisumu social hall after their car ran out of fuel at night.

The County Commissioner was driving herself and was reportedly heading to her official residence in Milimani Estate to spend the night with the Ben 10.

She was using her official Subaru when they got stranded, forcing her to send a motorbike rider with a jerrican to buy her fuel from a nearby petrol station.

Being on personal errands, she was not accompanied by her bodyguards.

Officers familiar with her behaviours revealed that she does not care how she carries herself in public whenever she gets drunk.

Her favourite drink is whisky and she is a common reveller in exclusive entertainment joints in Kisumu where she goes to hunt for Ben 10s.

We understand that the high-handed and chest-thumping administrator was at one time caught in a fight with another woman over a young man.

Being a plus-size woman, she prefers slim young men since they have the energy to ‘chew’ her properly.

Here are photos of the County Commissioner whose insatiable appetite for Ben 10s is well-known.

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Have handled bigger than her and I have lived to tell the tale. Anyhow now she’ll lose her job, sad

what she does privately is none of our business
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She won’t lose her job, there are many incompetent senior civil servants who do worse things.




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