Jordan and Saudi Arabia have spoken

Jordan ans Saudi Arabia have spoken


If Iran starts a major Middle East War with Israel , they are on their own with their terrorist merceneries Hamas , Hezbollah and Yemeni Houthis.

Egypt will not join.
Jordan will not join.
Saudi Arabia will not join.
None of the Gulf Emirates will join.

Iran will be on its own
So much for honour among thugs and killers … :joy: :joy: :joy:

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Thugs and terrorists are in NATO


Hehehehe …
For the benefit of all Geographically challeged juveniles in here … :joy:

Bure kabisa stick to momos

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Shenzi juvenile moron …
Go and grow a brain …

Iranian Shias should stop causing troubles for Sunni Arabs

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Algeria wanaimba ile wimbo ya atwoli ya solidarity forever

Iranians are perenial troublemakers …

They are actually Persians and have no business whatsoever in Arab Issues …

Like Putin in Ukraine …
Iran is on an empire building agenda to create a Shiite Caliphate in the Middle East …

umbwa. stick to momos. Umbwa tena

I love the 'solution" button

Chonjo mkubwa @administrator

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The US pretends to be a neutral peacemaker there yet they’re blatantly supporting Israel… :upside_down_face:

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Ulinyimwa Visa or what’s your story bro.

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Iran is the strongest country in the middle east and has never needed any support from those fake muslims.

Iran is everyone’s worst nightmare.

I wish Iran a good fortune in the war to come

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In 8 years of War , Iran was unable to beat Saddam Hussein’s Iraq Army

Then came Saddam Hussein boasting that the USA will suffer the Mother of All Battles
Then came the 100 day Operation Desert Storm where we saw Saddam Hussein suffer the Grand Father of all Defeats

Iran should stop entertaining the notion that Arab Nations will join in a crazy War against Israel …( for sure not the small Gulf Emirates , Saudi Arabia , Jordan or Egypt) …
Iraq and Syria may sympathize , but have nothing tangible to offer in such a conflict except noise

Any large outbreak of War will likely be Israel and it’s Allies ( in support only ) on one side against Iran , Hezbollah in Lebanon and Syria and the Houthis in Yemen.

It will be the 1967 War and Dessert Storm rolled into one

Phase One:
Suppression of the Iranian Air force , Airfields , Large Naval Assets , Radar , Long Range Missile Sites , Nuclear Processing Facilities , Supply and Logistics bases.
Jericho 3 Missiles , Land Attack Tomahawks, F15s and F35s.
Any Iranian missiles and planes attacking Israel will be brought down by Jordan and Saudi Arabia or Iron Dome.

Phase Two:
A land attack by Iran would have to be over Jordan and Saudi Arabian territory ( which will be denied ) or via Lebanon and Syria ( mainly Hezbollah).
The logistics problem alone will doom such an attack in short order.
Not forgetting that Iran has serious internal divisions that could be encouraged to take advantage of the conflict to settle scores …
A death sentence for the geriatric Shiite Mullahs in Teheran

As we speak , Hamas in Gaza is past tense …
Let’s see how long they last in their Tunnels:blush: