Jon Bones Jones

Jon Bones knocks out Alex Gustafson in round 3 to regain the UFC light heavyweight title! Ground and pound! Fantastic

Underwhelming fight. Cyborg vs Nunes was better.

Nunes made light work of Cyborg in 51 seconds of a 5 round fight.
Jones fight was impressive especially after their first fight. Gustafsson was banking on going for the decision, but Jones won every round. Stayed out of Gustafsson’s range and utilized kicks that damaged Gus’ calf. Amazing fight IQ by the GOAT.

Gus should have gone for take-downs to damage Jone’s morale like the first time. When Jones gets taken down, it affects him psychologically because he is not used to it. Instead, Jones was going for the take-downs. It was a win-win for both because each pocketed 500,000 dollars.