Jomoko Again

Angry protestors have lit bonfires on Thika Superhighway at Njomoko after a pedestrian was knocked by a hit-n-run vehicle.
Police on site.
(Mbisha loading)

and meanwhile, a supermetro bus just crushed this fielder onto the wall at Total 87 kinoo

hio fielder ndio imewaka moto?

hapa kuna moto kweli?

nilisikia kwa redio

VC si jomoko kumewekwa zebra crossing? But then i observed drivers are so arrogant hawatambui hio crossing, they don’t give a shit about the rubble lines, wanapita mbiooooo.

Looks like a subaru…

really sad. what happened to the proposed bridge

walichimba foundation but its like it stalled.

wakanyama nimekubali

kwani hizo mirrions zilienda wapi?

Where is Jomoko? Weteithie??

Hii ni ya kina @pamba

yes, right hapo wanajenga bridge. pedestrians are being hit every day

Boss,hii ni ex gk,once sold to raiya,the vehicle captures new number plate as per the current allocation.

Tiga maheni, Jomoko is not weteithie. Jomoko is where the road from Thika joins the superhighway.