Joke of the day

Why are all hurricanes given Female names?

Because they will suck and blow you in the beginning and then take your house when they leave.


If only it was an original joke…

Too soon bro. 20 lost pale Bahamas. And I take it Dorian is gay?

@Makonika umepata hii, ama I translate?

It’s not original huyu anatoa hizi vitu kwa

Nisomee plis.

Mutual and obado in the same pic

in Greek
Ngoma cia aka

Wow, that’s a sense really. Do you put some words into that for sure or it’s just coming out of your ass no matter what ? I do hope that it’s not. See my point ? I do not see that. I do not understand that all really well. But I see that you will have some sense.

Tafuta translater, I don’t understand what you’re banging on about.