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Somalia says it’s ready to send troops to South Sudan to help with peacekeeping. Just let that sink in, I’ll wait…
Just to be clear, we’re talking about wartorn, shithole Somalia. I now believe what my primary school headmaster used to tell us; nothing is impossible. Watch out folks, at this rate even the other shithole South Sudan will brazenly generously offer to send us advisers to help improve “Kenya’s human rights situation”.

The Somali government said this week that it was ready to send troops to help with security and enhance peace in South Sudan, where officials and opposition groups recently signed an agreement to end a five-year civil war.
The statement came days after the Intergovernmental Authority on Development, a regional bloc, proposed that Somalia and several other nations be allowed to contribute to a South Sudan joint peace force.
Speaking in Mogadishu, Somalia’s deputy education minister, Abdirahman Jabir, said his country would not hesitate to contribute soldiers to South Sudan.
Some may ask how is it possible a country like Somalia, that is coming out of conflict and enmity, can contribute to a peacekeeping force. What is stopping us from contributing?" he said, noting that Burundi had sent troops and assistance to Somalia while it was at war itself. “What is stopping us from taking part in peace building in other parts of Africa where there is conflict?”
The U.N. mission in South Sudan has 17,000 troops charged with protecting civilians, creating a safe corridor for delivering humanitarian assistance, and monitoring and investigating human rights violations. But Amnesty International has accused South Sudanese forces and militia groups of committing widespread abuses against civilians.
IGAD proposed that Sudan, Somalia, Uganda and Djibouti forces be included in the peacekeeping force in South Sudan to help build peace and improve security.
‘Wrong notion’
But George Musamali, director of the Center for Risk Management in Africa, a security consultancy, said IGAD was trying to give the impression that Somalia had been stabilized.
“They are just playing with the minds of the people” in suggesting that Somalia is stable enough to be able to contribute troops to other hot spots, he said. "I think this is a wrong notion, because at the end of the day, al-Shabab is still thriving

I hate skinnies with a passion especially their covered up women.
Moi did us a big injustice by allowing the ferkers to enter the country in large numbers on account of votes.

Actually that was kibaki’s doing not moi

Nikisema ni Moi itabaki kuwa Moi.

Somali is a nation of paradox. It craves to be a nation again but they are fearlessly divided amongst clans to even agree on a national government. The only hope is a federal government with regions handling domestic issues independently. However most of those states want to determine its own separate foreign and security policy. Worse most of its leaders from top to bottom are sympathetic to different extremist groups like alshabab. Why, selfish reasons. They owe their positions to the war against the groups or due to their positions they get kickbacks and engage in corruption. That’s why the terrorist are not entirely defeated even in Mogadishu. When it seems they are pushed back to rural central Somali, they show up in the capital to execute a bomb attack. Clearly they are getting help to cross road blocks and traps. My conclusion is simply greed and complicity is prolonging the war. Why is Somali sending peacekeeping troops. Internal problems. Federal government of Somali is aligned to Turkey on development and security. They built and a military academy in Mogadishu to train federal army troops to fight Alshabab. The M.E alignment between S.Arabia & UAE against Iran/Turkey/Qatar is taking centre stage in Somali. Its other states are aligned differently. Somaliland and Puntland in the North is supporting UAE. Mogadishu is trying to be neutral but favours Qatar and Turkey. They refused S.Arabia call to denounce Qatar. Jubbaland and other states in the south have broken all security ties with Mogadishu. As much as Somali President heads Somali national army the different states expect him to send troops there that are made up of people from those clans. The southern states sent away the administrators from Mogadishu including security commanders. That’s why alshabab is not yet defeated. Somali is a paradox, full of internal infighting and saboteurs. Their is no united front to fight them. Now federal President has 1000 troops trained to fight at the Turkey base that he can’t send to the south to fight. They will be sent to S.Sudan so that UN can pay their salary. Kenyan troops in Somali coordinate with Jubaaland leaders and “SNA local troops” to fight alshabab. Sometimes their salaries from Mogadishu doesn’t come and our Treasury pays but claims a refund from UN annually.

i love kdf and all but what kdf is really doing in jubaland is wrong.