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Kitui Governor Charity Ngilu has lit up the internet with her reaction after a photo of her and President Uhuru Kenyatta went viral online.
During the official launch of the Marian Shrine of Our Lady of Protection in Museve on Friday, June 25, the two were photographed in a seemingly animated conversation.


In the photo, the head of state is seen casually leaning on the door of his car while Ngilu attentively engaged him with direct eye contact.
Immediately the photograph was released it sparked an eruption of memes with many likening their posture to those of high school sweethearts.[ATTACH=full]371658[/ATTACH]
A meme resulting from a viral photo of President Uhuru Kenyatta (left) and Kitui Governor Charity Ngilu.

With a light touch, Ngilu, on Sunday, June 27, attached four memes and challenged her supporters to select the most creative one.
Wueh! Wadau si mmecheza kama nyinyi! (Wuueeeh! Stakeholders, you have done what you do best!) Bring on the memes.
Gani ndio kali? (Which one is the best?) Blessed Sunday everyone,” stated Ngilu.

One of the memes Ngilu shared was captioned “Chemistry iko, (There is Chemistry), I’d like to meet your nuclear family because Charity begins at home.”
Another caption read, “I am just with Maggie because of the children, my heart is for you.”

An hour after she shared it on Twitter, the post had amassed over 2,000 likes and over 250 replies with a majority being more hilarious caption of the photograph.

Uhuru had visited the county for dedication of the Shrine constructed by the Catholic Church.

“The Marian Shrine was developed by the Catholic Diocese of Kitui to serve as a privileged place of prayer, retreat and recollections,” read a statement from State House.
The event was also attended by Cabinet Secretary for Defence, Monica Juma as well as Wiper Leader Kalonzo Musyoka.

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