Join me in saying "welcome to the world"

That’s the small me :slight_smile:


swafi sana muite Uwesmakei

Congrats Kizee.

Nice one. Let his first words be “Hello World” :smiley:

Wazazi was Ktalk tuko wengi. Congratulations to you, the mum and welcome baby boy.



Congratulations, that one has got a strong grip!


congrats mzito

Damn! So cute! I want one too!!! Congratulations

Hongera…kazi ni kulea sasa.


MALAYA muzeee tombwaa

Congratulations Sir.

Good man.
Godspeed to you all.

congrats mzito…

Congratulations boss.

Fanya DNA kwanza. 'mbaff!

Kwani alifanyiwa manicure kwa tumbo?