Joho's drugs - - Wakati wa uchaguzi ndio cartels hujibamba

[SIZE=6]Joho-branded car, heroin seized in Mombasa swoop on drug barons[/SIZE]
Jul. 25, 2017, 12:00 pm

Anti-narcotic detectives arrested seven wanted drug barons and seized heroin worth millions in Mombasa.

Regional police boss Larry Kieng said they also impounded seven vehicles hidden in a home in the Nyali suburb.

A campaign car branded Joho, for Mombasa Governor Hassan Joho, was among those seized.

Kieng said the Joho-branded car was found in the yard of an apartment owned by one the suspects.

He told The Star on Tuesday that they are yet to establish who the owner is.

“We are yet to verify the owner of the car with relevant authorities including KRA. We cannot conclude it belongs to the Joho at this stage,” said the police boss.

“It’s wrong to speculate ownership of the vehicle and the motive at this stage. Maybe it was disguised by the drug traffickers. All the vehicles were taken to the regional headquarters for investigations.”

Regional police commander Larry Kieng’ displays some of the narcotics that were seized from seven suspects during a raid Mombasa, July 24, 2017. /ELKANA JACOB


Reached for comment on Tuesday, Mombasa communications director Richard Chacha said the vehicle, registration KCH 883 D, doesn’t belong to Joho’s family

Chacha said ODM supporters have volunteered to brand and use their cars to drum up support for the county chief, who is fondly referred to as the Sultan or ‘Governor 001’.

Many vehicles in the county have been branded for this reason.

In March, Joho’s political adviser Idris Abdirahman dismissed social media reports linking him to an international drug trafficking and terrorism network.

Some of the seven cars that were seized after police raided the homes of suspected drug barons in Nyali, Mombasa, July 24, 2017. /ELKANA JACOB

The suspected drug barons were also found with Sh4.5 million and $10,000 cash, believed to be proceeds from drug smuggling.

Three of them were identified as Abdullahi Ahmad Kheri (Tanzanian), Hope Brenda Mbaga and Musa Athumani Kihara.

When they were taken to court, the prosecution said the Tanzanian is a flight risk.

Police were given five days to complete their investigation.

The government has confiscated tonnes of narcotics in several operations following an intensified war on drugs.

Noting the effects of drugs, especially on youths, President Uhuru Kenyatta called for local and international support.

Kieng said: “The war on drugs must be sustained. We believe the seven are behind the drug trade in the country.”

Loopholes zinaendelea kufungwa…


Campaigns cash from drug barons to opposition will not be forthcoming this last 2 weeks.


70%+1 votes win.





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The hypocrites wouldn’t be seen here. See no evil, hear no evil.

Kumbe unajua sheng mzae?

Last I checked jubilee is in power. How about they do something about the drug problem. Instead of pointing fingers.

That’s where we will fail!
It’s not Jubilee. It’s us, Kenyans!

I thought this burst is the authorities at work. But I could be wrong…

Ati pointing fingers? What does that even mean?

I said yesterday that Kenyans will forget about Babuons interview. The government is not your mother.

Unless you can’t read or comprehend, this whole post is about doing something. That something is arresting susulite hoho inner circle that is selling drugs. Remember when a drugs ship was sunk, some here were sad and complaining as well.

Withdrew his firearms, his security detail, closed down his family business, froze all his accounts, questioned his papers, barred him from all state functions, linked him to Akasha brothers. Now this…tumezoea

I strongly believe that Kenyatta, or any government in power, can easily deal with this drug menace. I could be wrong, but i strongly believe that the main reason why drugs business is still thriving is because of tacit support from both central and county governments… Hizi token arrests is just meant to hoodwink us, just go for the main guy once and for all

Good…then the ball boys need to stop making this a partisan issue.

Machungu ya nini?

Hehehehehe! Watu wa madawa wakaona golden opportunity to deliver their poison under the guise of campaigning. Sawa tu. Sultan ako wapi?