Joho shows leadership on a whole other level

you are feeling that guy and lately you been praising him. Having a positive vibe towards male Alpha species is a good thing coming from you; we thought you have affinity for lesbianism/feminism

@TrumanCapote what will you do now that Joho is working with Ruto behind the scenes? ii siasa tuliwaambia hamuwezi. He never showed up at any BBI rally, and ODM people wanted to curtail his ambition of inheriting Baba. He has now joined our camp, officially, with the blessings of Uhuru

Siasa ya handout imepitwa na wakati. We want jobs so that we can afford to cater for ourselves.

Wewe wacha siasa ya tongolo mbili naniii!

Creating temporary solutions for permanent problems is pure stupidity. Hand outs to the poor will never solve anything. What has he been doing for the last seven years?

@sani can you shed more light on reasons for discord. baba has even began to send fellers to Shahbal. And juzi did not meet Sultan while at the Coast.

normal politics. Joho was only relevant to Baba as a governor, to safeguard Babas commercial interests. people are making new alliances for 2022.

No time for Hoho but this is a start. Every little helps.

…to tear?

Nothing transformational has come out of him. Njoroge transformed (Or is) Central Bank. Matiangi education. Mutunga made changes at the Courts. A dude like this at the helm will be there to finance his businesses and help his associates.

Your problem is low IQ. People with low IQ tend to generalize opinions bcz they themselves are not multifaceted. As you well know I am a staunch supporter of Baba, who isn’t a woman. I’ve always supported Joho and many others. The men I don’t like are the omega mails like you. The real alphas like Baba, Jojo, Sonko, lately Mutahi Kagwe and the rest have always had my support. ALWAYS.

You are right about one thing tho the caliber of mails here like you can turn any woman into a lesbian. Thankfully there are many alphas all over so women need not give up on the species as a whole.

Nipe nipple ninyonye niko na ulimi moto

Matiangi destroyed our education. As any teacher who knows what happened.

At least exam results are credible.

they have always been credible. what matiangi did was simple undermarking. kama uko na A unapewa B+, kama iko na B+ unapewa B, ata after two years waliona io ni ufala na sio sustainable, angalia results after miaka mbili zimerudi normal. Niaje watoto wa public primary school huko yatta Ikombe primary wanapata over 400 marks wote, without cheating, then wakiingia form 4 matiangi anadanganya watu eti its practically impossible to get a A without cheating? Niaje walipata over 400 wote wakiwa primary?
Watu hucomplain about doctors kujustify upuzi ya Matiangi, bila kujua mtu yyote amepata C+ kenya ako qualified kufanya ANY COURSE yenye iko offered kwa universities za kenya.
Nearly all our clinical officers are C+ people.

I used to enjoy beer with the diminutive Sharriff Nassir…nice that his son is in politics! As for D minus Joho, just remember, from a leader it is the conviction, desire and will that makes the greatest difference. Joho might be ??stupid, but he is increasingly getting educated in the school of hard knocks! Who knows why or how he got D? He is articulate and a formidable rallying point…

Corona is a permanent problem?


I have family who were hedis in high school. In neighboring schools, Parents used to Changa money and it’s given to the hedis to purchase the exam in advance. This was prevalent in the competitive schools. Yeah you are qualified to study anything with a C+ , but why cheat.