Johnny Depp's career is over.

[SIZE=6]He’ll never work in Hollywood again’: Top lawyer says Johnny Depp’s career is over after Warner Bros FIRED him from Fantastic Beasts role after Amber Heard trial[/SIZE]
Johnny Depp will never work in Hollywood again, a top lawyer has claimed, after he was fired from his Fantastic Beasts role following the Amber Heard ‘wife-beater’ libel trial. Depp, 57, was said to have had a ‘monster side’ by a judge who ruled that he did in fact beat Amber 12 times during their explosive marriage. As the case was a civil and not a criminal one, it was decided on a lower ‘balance of probabilities’ - rather than ‘beyond reasonable doubt’.
The American actor has now been forced to quit at the request of production company Warner Bros, despite having already shot some scenes for the upcoming Fantastic Beasts movie. He is understood to have earned £15.2million ($20million) for each film he appears in but Warner Bros taking the hard stance against him will spark speculation other big studios could be set to drop the star. He announced his departure despite having already shot some scenes for the new film.


unataka tufanye nini sasa?

Media wakituambia biden anashinda, wanataka tufanyie nini.

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Jamaa amemwaga unga juu ya kunguru mjinga. I sometimes concur with MGTOW guys that marriage is a big risky affair to a man

He has made enough money to last him a lifetime… I am certain he will be OK.

hii ghassia ndio ilikuwa inapiga boy wetu depp mangumi

He made 600 million dollars on the Pirates Franchise alone, still the man is talented and does not bow to the left.

As one of the biggest names in Hollywood He’ll definitely find work, there are other studios who’d love to hire him like Disney, MGM, Universal, Paramount, Columbia etc… It’s not just WB

How old is this news? was proven she was the violent one

if you are rich just dont get married , thats a shitty investment

Aende Bollywood ama ogawood. Hizi mbao hazitambui feminazi chieth.

The fvcked up part is that she gets to keep her role in Aquaman 2,despite clear evidence of her being in the wrong
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if he plays his cards right…anything is possible…

People said Mel Gibson’s career was over but he is still making movies. Mr Depp will be back after a small break

I once read that Eleven’s star Clooney once gifted an ex girlfriend an entire house complete with furnishings, and in return he got a straw hat… A bloody straw hat!!

maybe social media will have the final say

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Petitions huwa haiwork hadi

movie itokee na Amber na watu wakatae kuenda kuiona na imake loss.
we leave in dangerous times where petitions and social media can finish someone.