Johnathan Mueke join Hustler Nation

Former Nairobi Deputy Governor Jonathan Mueke joins Hustler Movement; Seeks to run for Governor Kitui County in 2022. “I’m really excited to be associated with progressive ideology.” - Muek


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Article below:

[SIZE=7]Gay-ism is a good thing, says former Nairobi County Deputy Governor[/SIZE]
by[B]Belindar Momanyi[/B]2 years ago0Votes
Former Nairobi County Deputy Governor, Jonathan Mueke
Hon Jonathan Mueke, a former deputy Governor of Nairobi County has come out to announce his support for gay-ism and homosexual practice in Kenya. He said that everyone has a right to be gay or straight.
According to him, consensual relations among two adults should not be a criminal offense, failing to move forward on decriminalization of same sex relations reflects a society shackled in infringement of the LGBT society’s rights.
The politician’s stand attracted a massive backlash from Kenyans who say that being accommodate of such open views on queer relations will tear the society’s moral fabric further.
Statistically, there are over 2 million LGBT citizens, but most of them are hiding behind heterosexual marriages. Last week, screenshots of a conversation between two married gay lovers went viral. In the conversation, the subject was urging his lover to stick to being the ‘woman’ as the reversed roles had him almost caught by his wife.
Mueke who was born and bled in Nairobi contested the Westlands parliamentary seat unsuccessfully before he was elected alongside Evans Kidero to serve the people of Nairobi. He highly contrasts with fellow lawmakers who equate gay-ism and homosexuality to not being African behavior.
Kenya criminalizes the act of holding any carnal knowledge against the order of nature. Section 165 of the constitution states that any person who commits an act of gross indecency with another male has committed a crime.
However, criminalization has not prevented gays from coming out to announce their sexual orientation, as a matter of fact it has made them bolder.

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Prefect Kirinyaga house 1994 together with Mark Lomunokol MP Kacheliba.

Got everything on a silver platter and he cannot recognize that. Should have stuck with Wiper which made him what he is

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Malombe is the next Governor of Kitui. You can cash that at any bank.