John Wick 4 eview


i thought the learnt from JW 3 and would change angalau we get a serious movie like JW 1 and 2 but i was disappointed.

first of all John Wick is not a super hero movie , Wick has no Super human powers , through out the movie just like 3 he is beaten into a pulp , knocked down by over ten vehicles , falls down a 5 storey building , gets shot at by over 1000 bullets (non hurts him) but he survives all that and is still in good health all through only at the end is he hurt. pure nonsense. yes i love action movies but reality has to be in it especially non super heroes movies,

another part that made the movie shitt was the overuse of guns, now elders a movie that has the grandmaster of kungfu Donnie Yen in it we expect alot of hand to hand combat but woe on us when in the whole movie an obviously aged Donnies weapon of choice is a gun , he only had hand to hand combat for like 5 minutes out of a whole 2 hrs 49 minutes , what was the essence of bringing the kungfu god if he wont use Kungfu , zero sense .

back to the guns yaani John Wick can kill 50 people with one gun without reloading :D:D:D , niliona hio part nikachoka. bana this is not the 90s when we saw Rambo/Commando kill over 200 people with one gun and enjoyed it, hio ujinga i thought Hollywood had left behind .

another reason, Keanu reaves was quiet slow in combat yaani you could see from his movement he could not fight he has aged , yaani two people come to fight him and as a world renowned critic and UFC trained i could see one fighter just stand and wait for Reaves to beat up the other b4 engaging him, bullshit . the choreography was uncoordinated , hata wangetumia CGI kiasi . compare Reaves to Jason Statham who in his latest movies is steal fighting like the 2000s coordinated speed combat and you will see John Wick 3 and 4 are pure nonsense .

i also forwarded through that 50 kgs girl beating up several 90 kgs MMA trained fighters , nonsense.

the good part of the show was the dogs action scenes, limiting of combat women in the show to only 1 and one scene was a great move .

i think like John Wick 1 70% of the show should have been hand to hand combat and 30% guns

i give it 4/10

:D:D:D Western Movies zilinishinda… Na documentaries most channels wameharibu siku hizi.

It’s the most useless fourquel,if that’s a word,movie I’ve ever anticipated,not forgetting I avoided watching the trailer just to pace up …starting off ,the jump between Casablanca, New York, Paris, and Tokyo all within the first ten minutes, making it a globetrotting bloodbath of epic proportions,140 baddies magotted ¯_(ツ)_/¯,whether death comes by nunchucks,car doors,cars,hands, knives, or ‘dragon breath’ bullets…GTA cheats no? How or why matapaka slits throats and stabs enemies multiple times just to make sure they are definitely dead, as if the first four headshots didn’t kill them already made me sleepy at some point. One word for the movie,tiresome. Shiet felt longer than a PCEA second service. Props to the cuda though,hio gari ni mwoto kama ile kitu

Heri ni rewatch THE MATRIX Kuliko nione hii upuzi.

Quote "

i also forwarded through that 50 kgs girl beating up several 90 kgs MMA trained fighters , nonsense."

This part alone has made me give the movie a hard pass… Watu si wajinga bana…

Or is it the woke mob pushing an agenda

Uwesmakende hauna maraya unaweza tomba umewaste time ku post all that for a MOVIE for fucks sake mea akili shenzi wewe

Listen. Hao watu waambiwe watu si wajinga buana. Even Ronda Rousey herself will have a very hard time dealing with an average fit man.

Shit. Na ndio nimemaliza kudownload goojara. I wont even bother

You’re generous. I yawned my jaw off during those gun shootouts that go on for weeks. The story is a 2/10, the action is a 3/10. I saw the praise it got on this forum and assumed I was just tripping and didn’t wanna fart on their cake.

John Wick jumped the shark in the third installment.

It’s become bigger than it originally was designed to be. That inevitably means it must be dumbed down for a larger audience. What you liked about it, the action mixed with some mystery and genuine emotional moments has to go.

So accept and enjoy it for what it is now, a super hero movie.

umefanya nimetafuta hio thread and inside i see @skylerz review which is pure nonsense as usual @skylerz lives in a parralel universe

JW4 was pure shit…trailer yake was waaaaay better than the movie.

Sijawahi elewa hiyo part wanatumia jacket kama bullet proof. Ata mtu anaku-shoot alafu unainua jacket.

Even if the jacket is bulletproof, why not aim for the legs?

ni ujinga hata kama nguo ni bullet proof impact itakurusha chini ama iumize internal organs, bones

they conned us using the trailer

Waliweka mzito Donny Yen nikafikiria movie itakuwa moto. The fact this movie performed well kwa box office shows us Hollywood imekuwa chini kabisa for a long time with their wokeness hadi watu walichoka. Hii movie ilitokea at the right time.

Hapo mtu huzima akili until inafika scene hata ufanye aje akili inakataa, kama hio scene ya small woman anacharaza mtu anatoshana na Brock lesna.:smiley:

Finally… Review Cumin in a Jiffy…

Less than two Minutes in and the Bass…

I really enjoyed watching that movie today.

I would rate it 8/10.

The cinematography was incredible but the film was too unrealistic. John Wick and his allies seem bulletproof so I felt like they insulted the intelligence of the viewers.

There should have been more dialogue instead of non-stop action.

Overall, I would watch again because of the A+ cinematography.

Finished watching it. The Movie gets 6/10. Really struggled with sleep…