John snow was riding rhaegal who was named after his father........

Anyway first episode is all about brann thats all i can reveal watched it already.

In other news yesterday while at a birthday party at a high end restaurant here in nairobi, an older lady with a slim figure and flashy dress approached me and gave me a firm handshake while calling me anko and didnt let go of my hand for like a minute. Later i learnt that she was the grandma to the birthday girl and was 60 years old to me she seemed to be in her early 40’s. She kept eyeing me from a distance and i really felt confused whether to approach her or not. Apparently she is the one who organized the whole birthday and im sure she spent almost 200,000 on the whole party. Later learnt that she is a prominent business lady with vast investments in the real estate and farming business. As i was leaving, she followed me to the parking lot and i quickly dashed into my guzzler and went home before she could get close. Got home straight to bed. Woke up today regretting why i chickened out, maybe we will meet another day

All the best as you ‘eat’ the granny. Lakini lazima utuletee hekaya tafazali.

My mind’s tellin’ me no, but my body, my body’s tellin’ me yes.

•never trust a beautiful woman; especially one who’s interested in you.

I dont like when John Snows name is used on a cowards thread like this…

Alikuita jina yangu aka ANKO