JOHN JONES ni mambo mabay

I feel so good and happy with MR BONES after his finish of DC, there is one thing he said after his fight, Whatever happens please don’t Quite, don’t give Up, Team NASA don’t give up, we must continue fighting, now wating for GGG vs Canelo, and Money vs ile toast wa Ireland, and one of my best fighter is the Mighty Mickey Mouse (Demitrous Johnson) wasanii your 2cnts on the match DC vs Bones[ATTACH=full]115868[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=full]115869[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=full]115870[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=full]115871[/ATTACH]

Colombo where do u watch ur ufc matches?

hii sio sport. All those blows almost to the back of the head and its okay. Umejaribu ata kufinya hiyo place uskie vile kablackout kanakuja.
That cornier guy almost died. Was confused when he stood up and almost fighting the officials.

Personally I watch it on BTsport on mobdro live

In ufc blows behind the head(kwa kidogo are illigal)

Do they bring the latest matches?..I watch it on sony espn but hawalaeti game latest…

I don’t watch live, I wait then I download the full ones, like this one I have it full, I can send it to you via wetranfer

man that was abrutal KO, I personally have never suffered a KO but I have been closer to a KO, man the feeling is horrible, and u fast feel it on your knees, its as if they don’t exist

Wanaleta live…jana I had to wake up at 5 kuwatch that card

Ni vile sina mneti

hapana jali lakini bro

Hio fight ilikuwa noma.

Illegal but a few to the back of the head from the side will get a pass for the sake of fans maybe. Even an elbow to that place seems legal. You can see fighters smashing back of the neck and head with their arms.

Nini mbaya na nyinyi bana ndio Nan download banaaaaaa

Nipe link omwami