John Harun Mwau

This is your annual reminder that John Harun Mwau was the first director of the Kenya Anti-Corruption Authority

Ukianza kufikiria juu ya Kenya, utapata ulcers bure. Political failures siku hizi ni Chief Administrative Secretaries with aides and govt facilities at their disposal. Thieves are elevated to ambassadorial positions at the expense of career diplomats.

This country has been in the hands of the Mafia for eons.

John Harun Mwau was the first kenyan to hit 1 million likes on Facebook, even before Uhuru.

And now they will spend billions on a fucking referendum to accomodate individuals…buckle up guys,its gonna be a rough one

Vested interests

Haha, never knew this. As a fresh kurutu from the training school, my first posting was the dci hq. Hapa ilikuwa 2011 i think. My first time there i saw a range rover, a new range rover which had bullet holes kwa mlango. I asked about the car and that was when i was told mwau shot his car and claimed cia wanted him dead. That was my first encounter with the boss. Good times.

In order to protect the interests of Charterhouse Bank Limited, its depositors and other creditors, the Central Bank of Kenya has today appointed Miss Rose Detho as Statutory Manager for Charterhouse Bank Limited pursuant to Section 34(1)(d) of the Banking Act with effect from 23rd June, 2006. … JACINTA W. MWATELA ACTING GOVERNOR

WHAT !! This guy is guilty of something …i don’t know what but he should be in prison !

Vested interests

his political party was known as PICK
Party for
Candidates of

Osha vinyaa Mkambaa, lets give it to the people of Ukambani, they rejected this man , purely on grounds of morality.

Actually you can cherry pick corrupt kamba politicians. It’s worth more research but my guess is that a good number are self made and humble. Even if kalonzo stole NYS yatta land you dont hear him cheat thump about it.

He is a true businessman. His thoughts helped me alot while in college. We used to chat on Facebook. If you see his posts on Facebook you will discover he is very intelligent. One day he told a journalist from standard media, “…saa tisa asubuhi ile time mnanyambanyamba kwa kitanda mmi huwa nishafika kwa office.”

Shrewdness ndio Mimi huona na this nigga. I give him many street creds and respect. Lakini sisemi Sana. Hizi huwa najiekea ty moyoni.



bring back @nairobilay

Dude and his witty sense of humor are both sorely missed lakini I will wait for his return so that I confirm he was banned as he will not mince any words.
He was banned during the ‘migration’ for suggesting positive changes:mad: Everyone else was doing the same right?Purple got blamed for it as usual but she was not a MoD then.
Let me hush my gums.

how sure are you it wasnt her