John Cena goes Naked at the Oscar Awards

This is what Katt Williams was talking about. A classic hollywood humiliation ritual. Essentially, you are ridiculed and shamed in return for fame and monetary favors.

Very sexy.

*proceeds to show deek on film… Does that count?

Yooo, the internet is fake… This is the full monty. Sasa umekunywa kool aid propaganda about illuminati n shit. Here is the uncut vid

What the hog

@bra_bra_cupship hio ni humiliation ritual give it a few weeks uone zile deal atapewa. Si Chris Rock after ile slap alipewa Netflix deal ya standup

That’s a humiliation ritual

Cena has a good physique.

This faggot @tauren is masturbating to this, bloody faggot conman

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Nopy Nope

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I am surprised y’all can see him

Oscars awards is all about acting. I wanted to watch it but nilikumbuka i had already boycotted this back in the day when it was considered white show. Nililala mapema after kuwatch the red carpet event.


it’s a joke it’s seems you didn’t catch it
and katt Williams didn’t expose anything just repeating what’s been known
The whole expose was a distraction

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