John Cena dons skirt and heels


Crazy world we are living in! This LGBTQ agenda ni kama tutaimeza kama quinine ya Kibicho.

@MajorProphet you must be wanking nonstop to the above pic. Have never understood how you faggets get attracted to a fellow man.


I don’t like too muscular. I have my standards



Smile if you see a big ass


Stupid homosexual , @cortedivoire kuja shangilia mwenzako

You are a pathetic faggot

@mnyambuo kijiji is under attack from this gay fucker…ktalk imekuwa kama porno hauwezi fungua thread ukiwa na watu usipatane na threads za shoga kama i:mad:

So soon ata anza kupata Hollywood roles na money in plenty…

Though people can’t see him… :smiley:

This is a democratic space and I’ve done nothing wrong. You simply want to force your tyranny on those who aren’t mainstream.

@cortedivoire ako pahali na lady gay very happy baada ya kumuona na underwear miaka na mikaka


the ferk man!



It’s as tight as a glove.

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