JOHN BONES JONES, the slayer of DC an Gustaff, he is innocent

me thinks the guy is being fixed out of UFC so history gets made by Irish man, Before game uko sawa then why take a supplement that almost lasts 3 months and reaction begins later, Johnes was fixed, them not like him , Like Tyron Woodley says, cc @Grundy @uwesmake @WuTang and others, halaf woodley asks mbona ya Brock lesner is an easy game after Mark Harnt ku complaine

Has he been declared innocent ama ni venye wewe unafikiria?

The guy is a cheat, period…ION leo fight between Wilder na Tito Ortiz unaonaje @Colombo-Combolo ?

Jones has one of the highest fight IQs of anybody shida yake is he is a cheat , I think he would still win without shortcuts but thats the nature of the beast in him, He fucked up bad !