John Bolton relieved of his services at the white house

And Drumpf says they never were in agreement in all the things that Bolton did or advised Drumpf, including everything Venezuela!

While in office, Mr. Bolton sought to minimize his differences with the president in public. After Mr. Trump said he would be open to meeting with Mr. Rouhani and even to extending a line of credit to help Tehran get through its financial difficulties while talks proceeded, Mr. Bolton, insisted that did not reflect a concession by the president. In choosing Mr. Bolton, Mr. Trump appreciated his outspoken performances on Fox News and wanted a contrast to the current and retired generals who were perceived as running his foreign policy team. Mr. Bolton also had the strong backing of Sheldon G. Adelson, the casino magnate and Republican megadonor who is a key supporter of Mr. Trump.

Long before Mr. Trump popularized his “America First” slogan, Mr. Bolton termed himself an “Americanist” who prioritized a cold-eyed view of national interests and sovereignty over what they both saw as a fuzzy-headed fixation on democracy promotion and human rights. They shared a deep skepticism of globalism and multilateralism, a commonality that empowered Mr. Bolton to use his time in the White House to orchestrate the withdrawal of the United States from arms control treaties and other international agreements.
With Mr. Trump’s backing, Mr. Bolton likewise helped enact policies meant to pressure the Communist government in Cuba, reversing some but not all of the measures taken by President Barack Obama in a diplomatic opening to the island. Among other things, the Trump administration imposed limits on travel and remittances to Cuba and opened the door to lawsuits by Americans whose property was seized in the revolution in 1959.
But if Mr. Trump’s original national security team was seen as restraining a mercurial new commander in chief, the president found himself sometimes restraining Mr. Bolton. Behind the scenes, he joked about Mr. Bolton’s penchant for confrontation. “If it was up to John, we’d be in four wars now,” one senior official recalled the president saying.
Mr. Trump also grew disenchanted with Mr. Bolton over the failed effort to push out President Nicolás Maduro of Venezuela. Rather than the easy victory he was led to anticipate, the president has found himself bogged down in a conflict over which he has less influence than he had assumed. The political opposition backed by the White House could not turn Venezuela’s military against Mr. Maduro and has been stuck in a stalemate for months.
The divergence between the two men was on display in May during the president’s first trip this year to Japan. After Mr. Bolton told reporters then that “there is no doubt” that North Korean short-range missile launches violated United Nations resolutions, Mr. Trump dismissed the concern, still eager to preserve his strained relationship with Mr. Kim.
“My people think it could have been a violation, as you know,” the president told reporters. “I view it differently.”
Mr. Trump likewise repudiated an idea of working to overthrow the government of Iran, a goal Mr. Bolton long advanced as a private citizen. “We’re not looking for regime change,” Mr. Trump said. “I just want to make that clear.”

Hehe, unreal. Huyu ndio jamaa i thought Trump would never even think of firing!

DJ Trump hapendi ujinga kwa staff wake

War Monger ameenda

Mkiambiwa you don’t know the man mnajifanya you know him. You and CNN you know him. :smiley:

That guy looks like he feeds on human souls. I think he sleeps in a coffin.

Was he actually booted or did he resign instead? [MEDIA=twitter]1171460678420353025[/MEDIA]

I’d rather deal with a guy who looks like he feeds on human souls for breakfast rather than a handsome chap with a sly but very fake smile who pretends to cry over children who have just been shot by a crazed mass murderer whereas he himself,he has just walked out of a white house situation room where he has just drone bombed several Arab homes full of kids, their parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles etc somewhere in Yemen or Syria.

Na anakuja hapo kulia crocodile tears…

He then proceeds to attack the NRA and yet he is the president who has cut the biggest deals and tenders with gun manufacturers and the industrial military complex, in history. Hadi today he is buying himself million dollar homes.

Washington (CNN)President Donald Trump abruptly announced Tuesday that he has asked national security adviser John Bolton to resign, noting that he “strongly disagreed with many” of Bolton’s suggestions [COLOR=rgb(226, 80, 65)]“as did others in the administration.” (you can always tell when Trump is lying)

“I informed John Bolton last night that his services are no longer needed at the White House. I disagreed strongly with many of his suggestions, as did others in the Administration, and therefore I asked John for his resignation, which was given to me this morning,” Trump tweeted. “I thank John very
much for his service. I will be naming a new National Security Advisor next week,” he added.

Good riddance by the way. He was always sanitizing Trump’s madness.

Hehehehehehehe! @Peremende na @Zambarau wako wapi. I have lost count of how many boisterous advisors the cantankerous buffoon has ‘fired’ since 2017.

Trump hangechuja ule msito Bannon

Trump is actually proving to be a very very smart guy.

That’s one asshole less he’s got to deal with…

[SIZE=7]Good riddance to John Bolton — an arrogant, reckless national security adviser[/SIZE]

Interesting read.

He reportedly pushed to bomb Iran after it shot down a U.S. surveillance drone in June. Trump agreed to an airstrike but canceled it at the last minute. Bolton’s influence was clearly waning. Trump was reported to have quipped, “If it was up to John, we’d be in four wars now.”

People calling a man who has hired and then fired more than 70 arse holes smart are more than daft themselves.

I’m 100% sure that he resigned. I’d believe a 5 year old than Dump.

You can’t miss an opportunity to put down a black person. Okay Mandela naye shida yake ni gani? Na Martin Luther King Jr mtafutie makosa.

unajua kizungu? when you offer to resign, it means the termination letter has already been drafted, but to save your face, you “offer” to resign, to avoid being fired

Wewe na wewe na hii class 3 education yako… unaona ni kama nimetaja Mandela hapo? Mandela na drones wanaguzana aje kwa hio comment yangu?!

The folks who have a problem with Mandela are you Wakandans. Specifically you @Tony254 ! You expected him to dish out goodies to his citizens as if he was Jesus. You are the guys who accuse him of all manner of sins, mkiongozwa na @Yunomi .

MLK sina shida na yeye. He was a future president whose life was cut short too early.

Shida ni huyu hapa chini. The great PRETENDER . Says one thing, means the other. Says peace, brings war and with a smile in his face.




But that is nothing new. I already told you that years ago, that that’s how Trump operates!

But it’s like talking to babies, you never bother to listen or research anything.

If you bothered to read his book or watch his tv show you would know that Trump firing people is very normal.

The whole premise of the TV show The Apprentice was Trump firing fellows who don’t make the cut. That’s him in real life.