John Allan Namu was offered 1.5M to kill the Profiteers Documentary

And KTN did not air it…thanks God for YouTube.

That means KTN accepted money to not air the documentary.

Eish. That lady is insufferable. Ako level 300 while everyone else is at 10. Sheesh… calm down.

wapi link wakubwa!

If i was him i would have dumbed it down for 2.5mil… Thats alot of mandazi.

huyo mkamba naweza tomba mpaka kidney

He should learn from his buddy moha… Money talks…

haikua hii expose ilikua ile ya track-it

I had to go watch the Profiteers documentary, esp Part 3. May God protect Namu coz all these Sudanese Warlords he’s snitching on, people to who child soldiers, gang rape and killing and maiming is as normal a part of their life as showering. I hope he gets an award atleast, hili ni bonge la expose.

I’ve just realised maybe hii ni venye anataka ku commit suicide. amejaribu 4 times before

:D:D you have a sense of humour

The guy has done a good job, the effect of his efforts may not be noticed now but later on…

Huyu kelele itakuwa hapa hata we mwenyewe utastuka. Imagine when shes annoyed or ‘annoyed’:stuck_out_tongue:

This guy is a man and three quarter. A man .of principle. A man who is fearless. A man who is an independent thinker. JA Namu is the holy grail of manhood.

wacha nione hii profiteers

Zile story ambazo the price was right hamtawai jua

I watched the documentary and wondered if he cares about his life…huyu atakuja kuuliwa one day.

Rather die for a principle than live for profit.

Not KTN but an editor(s)