John Allan Namu speaks on precautions taken when covering Kabuga story

Tuesday, 13 April 2021 – Award-winning investigative journalist, John Allan Namu, has narrated how he went through sleepless nights after he did a story on the whereabouts of Rwandese fugitive, Felician Kabuga, who was nabbed in France after years of cat and mouse games with law enforcers.
Speaking in an interview on NTV, the seasoned investigative journalist disclosed that he was forced to hide his wife and kids in a safe house when he started receiving threats over the expose.

Namu pulled his kids out of school when he was doing the sensitive story, fearing that they might be harmed.
His wife had to leave work to take care of their
For two months while I was doing the story, my wife and my two children at the time were in the safe house with me.
“I had to pull them out of kindergarten which wasn’t a big deal, but my wife had to leave work to take care of them, which was a big deal,” he said.

Namu revealed that the threats even cost his wife her job.
“She went on leave for the first month, then unpaid leave for the second month.
“Just as we were releasing the story, we took off to another country. While we were hiding, she lost her job,”
he narrated.

Ya kuku ni mayai, hatuezi msaidia, ajiekee tu

Investigative journalists has a death wish.

Hako kaumbwa should be tried in Rwanda. Found guilty kanyongwe halafu kasiagwo kapewe nguruwe.

@kichwakibovu kilienda wapi na mharo news?

@Swansea Japadhola Ochola mtoto ya Onditi su-saina say samthin.

That expose was a waste of time.