Joe Rogan Welcoming All Manner Of Trash On His Show

This wacko says if the west imposed on China the kind of sanctions they’re subjecting Russia to, 500 million Chinese would die within one year :D:D:D
The same sanctions that have had negligible effect on the Russian economy. Knowing how stupid and brainwashed the average American is, I wouldn’t be surprised if a sizeable portion believe him.

US mainstream media see Joe Rogan as a real threat to their dominant position.

Wacha Kariobangi ufala, Bana… :D:D:D

Still better than one sided mainstream media. Hapa unapata different perspective alafu wewe mwenyewe una amua.

The average American’s IQ is actually lower than bonobostes in vumbistan, but it’s well hidden behind hizo accent zao za kuongea na mapua.