Joe Mwangi has a DCI encounter ( conman)

Mr Joseph Mwangi NDUTA alias Joe whose photos appear below is Wanted by DCI Detectives in connection with the Forgery of a Letter purporting to be from a Cabinet Secretary threatening the complainant- Magdalene Mbele of some consequences. To report at DCI Nairobi Area. [ATTACH=full]257297[/ATTACH]

Digiriri khasia wewe

Arrest warrant has been given, soon to be in custody

Welcome back chief

kwanini unaeka NDUTA in caps?

Kukejeli watu wanaume wakikuyu wenye huvaa surnames za mama zao with pride.

I would proudly wear my mother’s name if she was there for me instead of that of a drunk fool who disappeared on me. Proudly!!

Like it or not.

You would not be here if it was not for him. Baba ni baba - hata kama ni kilema-wazimu-mlevi-mjinga.

Why anyone would hate their father is beyond me.

The question is, how was able to access presidents, visit foreign countries etc? He must be very good at what he does.

Angezaliwa in the right country, he would go far as a talent promoter.