Joe Mucheru

Tunakuonea 18. I heard you criticize Ruto’s bottoms up economic plan. I heard you say that its an analogue plan that cannot work. Again i heard you warn of judicial activism criticizing their shooting down of bbi saying that it was full of good things that are now lost.

Now, you are the minister of information and you probably know much about digital solutions to current problems. However, Kenyans may say you are also among those who are stopping the digital wheel or rather braking its progress in a big way. I will ask, in todays age why are our internet costs still way high up there unreachable to the common man? Why as a nation do we have to largely rely of expensive data bundles instead of having affordable, fast and unlimited fibre connection.

As a result of the expensive internet, Kenyan youth whom you were addressing do very little on the internet. They buy bundles just to whatsapp, share nudity for the thrill, comment nonsense on facebook and abuse each other over nonsensical and misleading politics on discussion forums. Basically they generate no meaningfull content. The few who do have no audience because you know what, its damn expensive to watch 10 minutes educative video on youtube. Most who do watch do it at work as very few Kenyans have and can afford unlimited home internet. To cap it all safaricom monopolizes and pushes up data and communication costs in Kenya under your watch. Is that your digital solution to Kenyan youth? Again, which self respecting country in the world today still have their police force writing analogue manual occurence book (ob) papers when they have a capable and ‘digital’ information minister.

On the second issue on bbi, i will ask you a simple question. Bbi had some good suggestions that do not require any referendum. Why has your government not presented any to parliament for discussion. Simply because the courts shot down an illegal process that wanjiku had already rejected because she had seen the self seeking intention of its political promoters, you become a cry baby blaming the judiciary. You should thank them for saving your face in a referendum. Today you became the misinformation minister. I can say you have no role in any constructive future government.

Isn’t this an own goal in your argument? Internet ikiwa cheaper ndio watamea akili kama saa hii wanatumia pesa yao kununua bundles za ngwati na kutukanana?

Unajua hii jamaa inaitwa dunya haikusoma sana

That skinny mathafaka irritates me. Kamshenzi should not be taking sides ndio angalau kapate job kwa next gava.

If he was heavier, would you tap his ass gay panay?

Si ati hakusoma sana. Masomo ndio ilimkataa.

Its done deliberately to hinder the youth,

Come on …the youth hawana maana sana hivyo

You are the leaders you elect …

Ulisoma kweli ama ulikywa class ya saa nane na @Wanaruona . So inafaa kuwa expensive. Ngwati ni 2mbs. Educational and informatiinal videos ni mbs ngapi. Tena hata kama ni hivyo wakiona zote shisa iko wapi?

It’s dawning bibiyai ilikuwa imebeba watu wengi… wengi walikuwa wamejificha huko

Maliseni hio mujamaa

Wewe ni wazimu mimi kama active wanker 2 gb haitoshi pale xvideos. Xxnx nilimaliza findio sote.

Leo waliamka Na makasiriko. I hear even the prince is throwing tantrums left and right

Joe Mucheru should know that Ruto has been to the mountain, has seen “her” and the other mountains beyond the mountain, and none is insurmountable.

Mucheru has such a punchable face.

Thug from Sugoi. convicted thug

I prophesy that one day the youth of Kenya will rise up in a revolution.

Wewe tu prophesy Malaya wa tao wakiuza shot 50 bob. …hii maneno ingine wachana nayo

Ati what?