Joe Biden's crack pipes are now in circulation. Unapewa hadi orbit ya kuficha mnuko wa moshi ya mdomo.

Idiot. Now let me teach you how racism works in drug laws according to the Controlled Substances Act.

Unaona huyo Joe Biden unapenda hivyo, in the 80s , rich white people used to consume powder cocaine. Ile ya kusnort na mapua.

Blacks consumed and could only afford marijuana and crack cocaine.

Crack cocaine is adulterated cocaine and is far cheaper than powder cocaine.

Joe Biden who was the drug fighter number 1 in congress in the 80s , lobbied that cocaine be made a Schedule 2 drug, ndio rich whites wasiumizwe sana wakishikwa.

In the U.S to this day heroin and Marijuana are Schedule 1 drugs whereas cocaine is Schedule 2.

In the U.S people have been jailed for life for shipping in bags of marijuana while others get only 5 to 10 years for a kilo(s) of cocaine.

Biden and his friends went further and ammended the 1986 Controlled Substances, anti drug abuse act.

Cocaine and crack cocaine are the same drug. They are Schedule 2 drugs.

Biden passed a law that said that if you are caught with 5 grammes of crack cocaine you will get 5 years in jail. Minimum mandatory jail sentence.

Whereas for powder cocaine you will get 5 years if you are caught holding a crazy 500 grammes or half a kilo.

Crack cocaine is highly adulterated cocaine yet it carries a 100 times higher sentence than the 100% pure cocaine.

That is how Joe Biden sent millions of negrumps to lengthy jail sentences.

This is known as the 100 to 1 ratio.

@Mnyambuliko that is how Biden made a name for himself in congress by jailing blacks using a racist law.

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My argument is not on the Law enforcement side. I repeat, you can’t fix drug addiction by arresting, jailing or killing addicts. That’s your theme. Very backward thinking bonobo. It has never and will never work. Red Light District in Amsterdam in the 80s-90s, was a drug addicted zone. You couldn’t walk with your safety guaranteed. Zombies and syringes everywhere. Hawako uko in those numbers today. Why, Netherlands controlled their spiraling addiction problem. How? They set up drug disbursement areas for addicts. Gave them drugs and clean syringes. In those zones, they offered intervention programs. Until today, they post warnings when high active ingredient drugs are on the loose. When they detect mixed drugs, eg added Percocet, they send teams to patrol and offer alternatives. In Their drug problem is contained.

Idiot, controlled substance sio drugs mbaya pekee. :smiley:

If you look at the schedule you will see that Morphine ni Schedule 2 drug. There are laws governing the distribution of morphine to the public.

Controlled substance haimaanishi heroin na cocaine, inamaanisha a chemical or substance that is controlled under law including hata pesticides ziko na category zake.

Dawa kama aspirin ni Schedule 3. If you abuse aspirin , ni hivyo.

Paracetamol is listed under Schedule 2, 3 and 4 depending on what other drug it us paired with. And yes cough syrup containing paracetamol or codeine is abused as a drug.

You are arguing against yourself. No one has said that drug addicts should be jailed so stop making up non existent arguments.

Mimi nimeuliza how is Biden fighting the drug trade by distributing crack pipes???

Why would someone give you insulin without a syringe.

Regulated drug is what I asked you. Hizo vitu zote umeandika hapo juu ni takataka.
Regulated drugs- Under FDA.
Controlled substances -Under DEA, following FDA guidance.

:rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes: Most ignorant shit I have ever read ever.

FYI I have shared my views on methadone and wellness clinics here on this thread with @LongerTime so ndio maana sikuwa najiskia kujirudia.

Hapo naona ulitandikwa kwa hiyo thread. No need to add. If I knew hata singecomment hapa.

What wrong about it. It’s working.

You Google what you are calling “REGULATED DRUGS” and the very first link takes you to CONTROLLED SUBSTANCES with the Schedules.

Ndio maana @miritiandes hukuita ng’ombe juu hunaga akili :


First link on Google :,V%3A%20Some%20cough%20medicines%20%26%20Lyrica

Second link on Google na bado unabishana kama ng’ombe jinga :


:D:D:D umetii ama niendelee ?

Can you explain why your “regulated drugs” is giving me CONTROLLED SUBSTANCES?

@Simiyu22 there is nothing like regulated drugs. The technical term is CONTROLLED SUBSTANCES.

Na kama wewe ni police Schedule 1 and 2 drugs are usually called NARCOTICS.

The drug dealer is reffered to as a NARCO whereas the cop is known as a NARC or Narcotics Officer.

:D:D:D Naona hadi ulikuwa umeziita pharmaceutical drugs. :D:D:D:D

No Simiyu learn the correct terms. In some countries Pharmaceutical would be a word more related to pesticides and herbicides for spraying crops.

Sema controlled substances ndio tukuelewe.