Joe Biden's crack pipes are now in circulation. Unapewa hadi orbit ya kuficha mnuko wa moshi ya mdomo.

@Mangele @slevyn @Old Monk @kipuke @Kahuni Maisha @Electronics4u this is the best thing Biden could give his black voters.

You can’t make this stuff up.


Nothing surprising. You have to try proven methods.


Where can I apply. I’m tired of buying my own supplies

You have to pick them up. Costs as much as buying.

ati orbit, pacto kwani we ni mzee aje?

@Old Monk kama unakunia thread sema unakunia thread sio kuuliza maswali za ujinga?

Wewe mwenyewe ulijulia orbit wapi?

buttco’s brain is not open to solutions… yeye bado anafikira war on drugs can be won through strong arming the addicts

Ni rika ya Biden. Seems there is an age old beef between the two. Biden nominated Ketanji just to spite Patco

Surely Simiyu you can give a better excuse than that to defend the corrupt Biden regime.

Ati to cure heroine addiction you should give the addicts pure heroin?

Na unaweka gazeti ati tuamini ni legit solution?

No wonder @miritiandes calls you a cow juu hunaga brains.

Biden has really disappointed us, we were expecting a PROGRESSIVE and not the same old PARTY ACTIVISTS.

We wanted to see someone like this here below ndio subreme court ianguke kabisa kabisa. The U.S subreme got is Satan’s den of cultists and ab.ortionists. It’s utter collapse would give us as MAGA great joy for all the babies they have abo.rted since 1973.

Tulikuwa tunataka shaitani kama hii kwa subreme got not some BLM activist of old :





Ama angepatia Benny Drama the white house intern :



This is public information.
It worked in Nordic countries. In fact Methadone for Heroin treatment is actually a Heroine derivative. The notion of fighting fire with fire in drug use doesn’t work.

Saa methadone tena ndio unaita pure heroin? :smiley:

Simiyu you are really daft.

Methadone is a synthetic chemical made in a lab. It is not a derivative of opium!

Methadone ni chemicals mixed in a lab to mimic the same effect as those of opiates. The main ingredient of methadone is a chemical called methadone hydrochloride.

Essentially the addict is transfered from the natural heroin to govt synthetic drugs and then weaned off this chemical like other kawaida medicines. Methadone’s efficacy is debatable.

Wewe @patco Muthoni, unanisumbua ubongo. Utilize your IQ in the right places. I don’t know what they taught you pale Starehe. A simple Google search has yielded me over 3000 documents(scientifc) on the overall effectiveness of such a program.

You can’t arrest people to cure a drug addiction problem.

A chemical derivative is a compound that can be imagined to arise from another compound, if one atom or group of atoms is replaced with another atom or group of atoms.
So methadone is a compound chemically similar to heroin but without the addictive effects. It’s designed that way so as to wean off a addict from heroin. Heroin addiction is one of the hardest to beat. Most of the time ukiingia huko, it’s till your death.

And let’s talk about death. That’s usually caused by an overdose. Not that the addict took one too many, but the active ingredient has a higher dose. How? Drug dealers often cut their drugs. So ananua 1 kg, he mixes with baking soda or crushed drywall to 2kg. So his profit doubles. He then sells it to another who does the same. You often find a drugs been cut 10 times. So if the initial concentration of heroin is 100mg, the final is 10mg. This is what’s sold to addicts.

Now let’s assume a lethal dose is 20mg. Sometimes drug dealers skip a cut. Or improperly mixes. So The drug is only cut 5 times. Which means the final dose is 20 mg. That’s how most addicts are killed. You’ve heard even high profile people die of a OD, this is how they die. In fact, once you have a lethal dose in your system, emergency crew give you a Narcan shot. Which will bring you back to life,if you were caught before your organs shut down. So what do rich addicts to, they take their heroin, and follow up take a Narcan shot.

So in cities with high OD rates, the one way to save these addicts is to give them a regulated version of a drug. Please Google the meaning of a regulated drug. Europe greatly reduced OD deaths by using such ideas. This is not guesswork. You first have to save a life, while enticing the addict with an intervention for his disease.

Ignorance is no Defence.

How is Biden saving lives by handing out crack pipes???

Did you Google the word regulated drug vile nilikuinstruct hapo juu?

Haziitwi regulated drugs zinaitwa CONTROLLED SUBSTANCE.

Men, today I’m teaching you everything. Now kindly tell us how Biden is fighting the drug menace by handing out crack pipes.

Hapo ndio niliwachia kusoma.

What a stupid idiot you are Simiyu.

Controlled Substances act ndio inaamua hadi jail term worldwide.

All countries on earth follow the Controlled Substance Schedules.

Heroin is categorized as a Schedule 1 drug and carries heavy penalties worldwide. Schedule 1 drugs are those that are unsafe to use even under medical supervision.

Methadone is a Schedule 2 controlled substance drug. It is severely controlled and restricted by govts everywhere.

The 5 Schedules of CONTROLLED SUBSTANCES zinakaa hivi :


If you are a drug dealer this is information you must know. Umeshikwa na Schedule gani na amount gani na imebeba penalty gani!

This is the format adopted by the U.N globally.

Read more here :

I didn’t ask you to Google controlled substance but a regulated drug. The latter falls under pharmaceutical regulations. You can’t fight addiction by jailing the diseased.

@patco wa Muthoni. What difference is the cialis you take and the heroin derivative morphine they give you for pain. They are both regulated products. They need a prescription. If given rightly, you won’t die. Abuse and you face the pearly gates. Substitute that argument and put heroin instead of cialis. A crack pipe is a means of entry just like a syringe. Both are covered under regulated drugs in the FDA. So the question you ask me about Biden is a damn question. D- material, and shouldn’t be coming from a Starehe grad. Ni nini mlikua mnafundishwa huko Pumwani?