“Hello, I’m ESTHER MWIKALI, working with AIM GLOBAL, an Organisation offering individuals of different Careers & Professions an Opportunity to work with them PART TIME. Income 20- 40,000/= Weekly. The Team is looking for persons to Train & Work with PART TIME in MOMBASA & you were recommended to us. Meet us for a Presentation on what it Entails TOMORROW WED. 28th 12:45pm in Town at PARAGON COLLEGE(next to A-One Supermarket) Confirm attendance. Good evening” I didn’t attend ofcoz but am asking does anyone here know more about this " AIM GLOBAL"?

personally I don’t know anything about them

Iko hapo Ndagani

This is all about MLM.

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Another @admin ''s Hatchlings

keti papo hapo usisonge wanakuja

Hao wasee achana nao kama unapenda your peace. Utawekwa na registration fees then uuze vitu haziendi. Zote ni MLM tu. Pia note that joining these things is the fastest way you get to loose friends juu watakataa kununua then uanze kusema ati sio true friends

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They wanna dryfry you… Run away

Mimi nashuku ni pyramid scheme

Have a friend there na ananishow iko poa.

Niko hapo almark

Here is what you need to do.
1: Drop that idea
2: Run away and never look back
3: Kemea saitan yenye ilikuletea hio idea
Those jobs dont work,