Jobless Wife

Wacha akae tu kwa nyumba …she will soon get bored and look for work.

Wangu nilimpea capital aanze biashara after being retrenched ikakunywa maji yote

We used to have a DM, but let her go when she lost her job. 1 Kiddo. Shida nikiamka niende kazi, by 9 she is done with all household chores, so nikuwatch tu movies. Nakuja jioni Napata amedownload series mzima daily. Hiyo kukaa idle ndio inanisinya.

A lot of you guys wanasema nimwekee biz. Its upto her aamue what she can do na hasemi. I cant just wake up nimfungulie boutique she has no interest in

Very sober advice. Thankyou

@Chimoni humbwer wewe, as you can see this is a multihandle, siezi andika mashida kama hizi na original handle yangu. You are very irrelevant in this forum, hata sikutambui. So tuliza kende and contribute to the topic. Hindiot!

Cousin yangu alidinyiwa bibi na ghaseer ya movie shop. Smh

Umenipea wisdom kidogo hapo

hmmm… and whats wrong with your wife being unemployed? If she make all household chores, take care of children, meet your needs… I donts see this as a ploblem. Especially if the finances of one person are enough for the whole family…Have you talked to your wife why she doesnt work or doesnt want to work?

Huyo alioa chokoraa. Movie shop guys are bottom of the barrel trash, alongside makanga na watu wa nduthi. Kudinya everybody in sight.

If you see your woman giggling to these men, tayarisha makende yako kupata serious venereal diseases

If she completes all her household chores na ni kama huna shida ya pesa, why cant she enjoy her movies? Stop giving your wife unnecessary stress. Maybe she needs some time to unwind and think wewe unaona ni movies anawatch na labda ana meditate. She will get back to work or biz once she feels ready.

This a very unrealistic view of life.

What if it is him who lost the job thanks to covid. Would she allow him to “unwind”

Alfa male huwa hawatulii - wao huwa sex pistons.

You, on the other hand, know your place.

Why not? Things are tough out there. The question is whether he would agree to cook, clean and care for their baby.

Kama ni hivo basi just let it go. Utaanzisha argument huwezi maliza and will end up fighting for no reason. She is doing the housework fast because she is efficient and she therefore has time for movies as she looks after your kid. Just make lifestyle changes at home to reflect the reduced income na unyamaze, she will get bored after a while. When you are asked for stuff to buy which are not essentials just say you need to plan because income has reduced. After a while she will get bored and lonely at home and will start coming up with ideas herself. Pia hiyo kazi ya kukaa home na kuangalia mtoi ujue ni muhimu, your kid has someone trustworthy around and they will pick up many things faster than kids who are raised by maids. But the important thing to know is that almost every household in Kenya watu wamepoteza kazi, hakuna jobs Kenya and Covid has made the situation worse so it is not her fault and she needs support…hizo movies na series after 2 months atakua amemaliza zote. Business may also fail. You can start thinking of sponsoring her for a masters or a PHD kama akona masters so that she is abit busy and remains sharp mentally.

Very true. Can’t expect your wife to do chores all day like a maid. If she is efficient let her relax. She married him for days like this where she is assured of financial security and that is why she had his kid. He needs to turn the whole situation to his advantage by not complaining so that the wife feels he is playing a key role by being the sole provider and she steps up in all areas. This is the time where he needs to play reverse psychology and take her out of the house to dinners and stuff and let her know she has his full support and he is ready to assist her in any way possible until she gets on her feet again.


I get the picture. Okay muulize tena about the bizna idea. But be gentle, losing a job is not the same as quitting. It comes with some trauma. May’be she has no business acumen like yours truly…and needs time to think…
Do talk, don’t let it fester as it will make YOU feel resentful.

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unakuwanga na machungu boss dunia ilikukosea nini ? seek psychiatric help

Look whos talking? Wewe ni mtu unaeza advice mtu kweli na vile unaandikanga shonde huku?

Thats the beauty of anonymous forums, I can write sh*t and no one will judge me. Ama nimekugusa vile nimesema movie shop guys are trash?:D:D:D:D

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