Job Vacancy at NAIROBIHOT.COM (Salary Flexible)

NAIROBIHOT.COM is looking for young 22 - 28 years open minded lady or gentleman with good marketing and SEO skills. Having good knowledge of the industry is an added advantage. Only 3 slots available. Send your application through e-mail: [email protected]

Kuna vacancy ya pornstar?

hahahaha sorry we do not shot porn, may be u become a Male Escort, some ladys looking for men without attachment, get money get free pussy

NVchieth ghassia


Mzee mnyama tell me more

:smiley: Having good knowledge of the industry.

Mzee mnyama ni pimp

:D:D…fisi mkuu will tomba all applicants as part of the interview process

That site is crap,

Search Engine Optimization??? … Just Add the word pimping site and it will pop up together with prostitute sites world over… Then attach short videos in all tourist hotel rooms.


You guy. Your SEO is good for the target market. #1 in almost all keywords in this niche.

You don’t need marketing people for your site to work. What you need is to verify the ladies that are on your site, via video call or something. 99% are fakes. No one would revisit your site because of this. Fix this and watch your website boom