Job opportunity.......cartoonist wanted

Am looking for a cartoonist for my stories … I won’t promise nitamlipa ngapi but , tuone vile market ilivyo sahii…
. 2 months ago I sold a story online … I sold to over 200 people @100 Bob… Meaning I made 20k ivo tu…
Now m thinking of spicing it up … N giving job to a cartoonist … For each copy sold anapata 40%…

Phylgee nukisha kitunguu

I major in graphiti and it pays at least 4figs

Inbox Phylgee aka Firithi coz Ile Makanika mûrefi ilitumwa Siberian desert.

introvert si ukuje hapa ama zako ni osungu tu?

and selling mkia

I’m pretty deft with words, teach a brother a move or two.