Job affecting Business

Hello wadau niko na shida. So for a long while I was working a casual job for someone. And then tukakosana mid last year. For a while I panicked but then I used skills I had gotten and connections I started getting my own clients. Business started to pick up and the past 3 to 4 months I have been making good money. Sasa the last month I got a new job it doesn’t pay well but its a livable wage. Shida ni including commute hours i am basically committed to the job from 6 am to 6 pm.

That means my business lazima nidesignate kazi to people here and there. But shida ni the only person you can trust is yourself. Nimeshaanza kuona failures in areas that I would have succeeded. To give you a glimpse this month alone I have had jobs worth 4 to 5 times my salary. But moja worth 2 times my salary I had designated and the person is close to messing it up. Anyway, I personally hate the job. I hate the very idea of giving 9 hours to make millions for someone to sit at home. It’s not even jokes the owner of the company is supposedly a full time golfer.
Anyway, my parents are salary people they’ve worked over 20 to 30 years each on a salaried job and they are telling me vumilia tu kupata kazi ni ngumu. So I’m in a bit of a pickle. Kindly advise serious replies only.
Side note. This year alone when I do an average I have made 3 times my monthly salary each month and that’s including January which is a low season that I only made 3k. So January is negligible. But you get the point.

If anyone wants to ask its an online business. I mainly analyse data for people and sometimes students abroad.

Kijana ya SPSS, this is the only statistic you need to make a decision. If you can make three times your monthly salary as a side hustle, what if you do it full time?

That was full time. I started the job only a month ago. But on this trajectory I hope to make 4 to 5 times the salary am on.

  1. “Nimeona failures in areas I would have succeeded” Right on point. I couldnt put it any better. That is the definition of an employee by an employer. Zoea.
  2. “The owner of the company I work for inherited and all he does is play golf. I personally hate the job” You have a negative attitude to your boss. Your employee is likely to have a similar attitude towards you, and also personally hate the job. You will fail your boss because of this. And also your employee will fail you. Do the needful.

I don’t hate the boss. I don’t even hate the work. I just really detest the idea of working 8 to 5. Tuseme if I had no business and I was ignorant of how to make money elsewhere I would love the job. Because honestly they provide a lot of benefits and the managers above me are very collaborative. It’s not the place where manager ni mwenye kusema and treats employees like shit. Plus they also are even ready to sponsor further studies. As I said I just am afraid of messing up my business which currently pays more and then I lose major clients.

Grow your business as it seems to have great potential.

Make up your mind, ama uchange handle to pink ndio nikuelewe. Umeandika “I personally hate the job” halafu “I dont even hate the work” Your boss inherited the business and plays too much golf…I bet you his dad played golf too. Those guys who run car workshops in industrial area “play golf” hapo across uhuru highway ama sigona ju hapo ndio atapata watu wa equity na safaricom waanze kuleta gari za kampuni kwa workshop yake. Golf sio golf.

Whats your definition of a Job?
When you’re self-employed, or
When you’re working for someone…
Regardless of the pay?

Job is when you work for someone according to me.

A job, employment, work or occupation, is a person’s role in society. More specifically, a job is an activity, often regular and often performed in exchange for payment. Many people have multiple jobs. A person can begin a job by becoming an employee, volunteering, starting a business, or becoming a parent.Wikipedia

Scale back on business to working on projects you can deal with yourself over the weekend and after hours without having to delegate.

Your decision is being driven solely by greed of more money and its blurring the bigger picture.

You said there are advantages to a job, stability being one of them and getting professional development sponsorship.

Keep both and adjust as you go.

If you believe you can make 3 to 4 times doing your side hustle as compared to the salary you are paid, why not just resign from employment and give your hustle undivided attention. Why slave for someone for 12 hours while losing so much income from your personal venture. Apo ata swesfikiria twice or waste time kuuliza maswali apa kwa kijiji.

Hey nimejaribu and naona in the near future I will lose my major clients. Plus after commuting and working 6 to 6 everyday plus gym I really need a rest on Saturday. And then Sunday is usually preparing for the week ahead and sleeping early. So kubalance ni ngumu.

Unataka kukua busy ama pesa?

Pesa obviously and to build substantial wealth. I think I’ll resign tu hiyo job.

hio job ya golfer ni aina ngani?
unaeza kuja na laptop yako uchape kazi?

It’s possible but inaweza leta shida ukipatikana so I opt not to. You are provided with a work laptop and its under heavy oversight. I’m sure watu wa IT huona everything you do since you need approval to even install software.

As you resign, chanua @tall mnyama everywhere to apply for your position. Kijana imeteseka sana hii Nairobi

Wacha ujinga - quit salary like yesterday & pour 150% of yourself into your hustle. Futa hiyo jambazi kazi pap (!) & hire a compliant & efficient assistant.

Like yesterday before your options narrow down. They invariably do when you stop applying yourself as you ought to.