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Hii sampuli inakuanga na utam ingine excess sana, I rarely last 5 minutes na kama nakula raw inakuwa shorter banae.

Hata breathing techniques hazihelp hata kidogo

You might want to consider a remedial Therapy Session with this well known Relationship Expert … :grin:

So wewe ni mtu wa kuingiza na kumwaga haraka? That’s not how to enjoy sex. You should last at least 15 minutes. Learn how to stay in the game without premature ejaculation. You may be suffering from ED

Hii shetani yako iko na mwili sexy. Shida ni vile niliona ikitombwa na wanaume wanne walevi bila condom and I can’t unsee that

Leta practical tips, hii yako is akin to telling a poor man to work harder to get rich

  1. Avoid masturbation and watching porn
  2. Engage in foreplay for about 10 minutes before penetration
  3. Penetrate gradually while pulling out intermittently to prepare your partner.
  4. Pump slowly and steadily.
  5. If the sweetness is too much, pull out slowly and start all over again before cumming.
  6. Gyrate inside at times without making vertical movements.
  7. Drift your mind from concentrating on the act by thinking about something else e.g the piece of land you intend to buy in Nanyuki.
  8. Make it your goal to climax at the same time with your partner
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@Nguyen234 hizo techniques ni ngumu ku apply kwa malaya umelipia punch for a shot banae.

On the other hand, sikuangi na hii shida ya kumwaga haraka kama nakula mifupa.

Sijui mbona inakuanga specific kwa hizi bbws pekee

Wachana na maraya utafute kitu swaffffi upractise hizi techniques