JLo and husband of 4 years break up over his infidelity

J Lo is single again. You can be beautiful, sexy, loaded, raising his kids well as a step mom, open joint ventures and accounts, in the end men will be men, they are like a wild animal that is domesticated, you never know when they will turn on you.


Ozband without the vows. She’s a serial dater.

Dating a 50 year old woman

JLo was not married to A-Rod. They called it off twice. Pls.

Maybe she prefers that to prenup signing. Stop blaming her. It’s the guy who cheated. Who cheats on JLo

Jlo is too old at 50 every man will cheat on her…

Do you really know JLo. She has been married at least 3 times. She has a line of men she has dated. She was married to Marc Antony, puff daddy, engaged to Ben Afleck…
Where does it say he cheated. And he has a lot more money than she does. @TrumanCapote.

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