JKUAT Main Campus Killings


On a serious note insecurity iko juu.

we ara nor criking. eka rink ama urare

Ukiwa NV huwezi eka link lazima ulijue jiji

Shida yako ni gani? I have another handle which I don’t want under siege+ we si admin apana sumbua… Inatrend twitter check it yourself

We na nani speak for yourself…nataka tu wakubwa wajue is that a crime, informing?

Students will hold a peaceful demonstration, it’s that serious

Akanyalclick. I speak for many.

Waah…then it must be very serious.


demonstration thika road ndio mletee traffic jam mjitayarishe kupinyoroshwa na rungu na kumeza tear gas

Na mimi pia. Not cricking this takataka

Nimeclick nikaregret my actions.

“The lady succumbed major knife wounds in the neck area and was rushed to the JKUAT hospital.”

“Unfortunately, she passed away at JKUAT hospital due to excessive bleeding.”

Succumb” used as a verb should be followed by the preposition “to” as a function word in order to indicate extent or result of the action.

The article seems to indicate she died twice.

Tuko location kuwaklisha[ATTACH=full]224011[/ATTACH]

Hessy wa Dandora anafaa kutembea Juja watu wakule copper kiasi.

According to what I hear, The police and the Robber are one, so no peace until there is a replacement. Otherwise itakuwa Demo ya Bure.

Not long ago another one was killed by a mob pale laikipia university nyahururu.

Who told you watu wako twita? Multihandler jinga…