JKIA security goons who like to harass/solicit/extort people

Villagers and elders who travel through JKIA ama wenye wako na experience na hiyo airport, Kuna hawa ma ‘security’ personnel wenye wana kua na matamaa sana, hao hupenda ku harass passengers sana. Eg kuna mrembo flani hapa ana nishow waki travel to UK juzi wali kua wana tishiwa ati watoe doe ama wapelekwe kwa officials wa KRA coz walikua wamebeba ma braids za rastas kadhaaa, ilibidi wali peana ka thao ndio wasi sumbuliwe. Wakati wali rudi ana nishow ati a security official aliwa kujia kuwauliza ati ni nini wame beba na how much they spent (and many other stupid question) seems like the security guy wanted to extort them but found it hard…

Another guy was also complaining ati wame search is luggage na walikua wana mu harass ati ape hao ma corrupt security some extra clothes yenye alikua ame letea ma family members, the security officials were like ’ tupee hizi kofia hata sisi because tuko na family tuna taka kuwapelekea vitu’ tsk…the guy had to give those corrupt ppl a hundred bob ndio atulie…
I know there more incidences like this in that airport but they go unreported…

Villagers have you ever experienced this form of corruption by this inept security? If so what did you do in return??

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I’m yet to experience…ina happen side gani? Kwa check in ama boarding.

go to sleep pilsner imekuchukua…

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Kwa check in and also when you’re checking out after arrival they ask how much shopping you’ve done and how much you’ve carried in your bag …


Ai too bad, I will be on the lookout

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From the check-in staff,customs even the cleaners are corrupt.A customs officer once told me to give him few dollars to let me pass.

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Yes the majamaas were getting too used to extorting us lakini pia sisi tumewachukulia hatua. If we have lots of stuff that we must bring we ship well in advance. Tunatokea JKIA with minimal luggage. Besides they know the drill now, and they know how to ask in low tones. Ati siuturushie kachai kidogo. Tunalenga.
At the risk of being told that I have brought UhuruRuto into this thread, I must say they have done a good job of cleaning up that airport. Maendeleo kali from all angles.


Hao watu yaani from the washroom cleaner to customs huwa sumbua sana.Hata ukiwasho huna any wana offer kukupa mpesa no uwarushie kakitu ukitoka nje.Unaichukua then unaidelete hapo hapo nje.

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Unapeana kitu kidogo na hauna makosa jameni,muko na pesa ya kuharibu,the last time I checked kuna ipoa na hata apo jkia kuna police station you can lodge your complaint ama namna gani wakubwa?


They know who their bosses and bosses bosses are, hata wakiitisha kitu kidogo hawatafanyiwa kitu.

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To be honest these people can smell someone who spent more than 3 months majuu. These fuckers know what plane is landing and where it is coming from . My brother happened to be the first to come from the plane…jeez when these fools saw him walitoka from their offices in a rush and went and stood just in front of baggage claim area and asked him 3 questions :
1Unatoka wapi,
2 umebeba nini
3 tupatie kitu ama tukupeleke KRA.

He decided from that day henceforth ,if he ever travels,he will have recording glasses where he will record every moment he interacts with those guys and next thing ataweka twiirra… and tag customs and kra. They need to be taught manners

Another time waliingia ndani ya his suitcase na kupekuapekua his contents only to find dirty clothes (he intentionally put them there ) to teach them a lesson . Next time I told him to take female underwears soil them with molten chocolates or red ink and scatter the underwears in the suitcases.These guys are annoying

Did i mention walimwibia a 30 yr old wine? Ferkers


99% of the people returning have items that are taxable if their bags are checked. I pass there every so often. Just learn how to talk to people politely and how to put your foot down when you must. Sort of like huggling when buying Mitumba. If you are rude, you will learn that Kenya has a government. And it has a lot of power. Those customs officials have a lot of power.


I think there were guidelines that came out the other day on the value of goods brought in as gifts. Anything above this value they would charge duty. The best thing to do, kama umebeba camera ya mtu, carry it on your person. Tell them its personal. They cant do anything about it. Even take a pic or two.
Kama ni laptop, even that should be your hand luggage.
Clothes they can never really prove the value, unless umebeba suitcase imejaa nguo za watoi

Unalalamikia mia moja?? Aieee

A moment of silence for us peasants who have never boarded a plane, and are just reading greek here.

Check out ni nini?:D:D:D:D


…and they are also human if you are human too…


Let me be the Devils advocate here.

This thing of declaration happens in every country. Now the question is kama umeleta vitu taxable by KRA why not declare and pay ushuru rather than take the short cut.

Kama sasa hizo nywele umesema hapo juu utasema bado ni harassment na hujalipia ushuru. The reason why they take advantage of you is because they know that you’re breaking the law and you’ll give in to pay a bribe rather than pay tax.


Frequent travellers tunajua hii maneno,i can bring any legal stuff i wish,Just know how to handle the customs guys and you are good.Usikose ka mia tano pahali.But kenyans are a funny lot jamma anatoka majuu na Suitcase kama tatu amefanya shopping ya the whole clan na ana expect apite bila kulipa ushuru.


mimi kitu najua ni hii harassment iko jkia ni ligi ndogo. kuna ligi soo huko nje.