JKIA-Rironi Highway

finally mchinku ameingia kwa ground.Uhunye hapa asitucheze.


Kumbe Haunanga gari yako

Gikuyu thathaiya Ngai thaai.

Thaaai…guku no thayo

I feel they are hurrying this road to be built and it’s economic value will be minimal!
Am sure the company that will be collecting the toll will be linked to big people in govt and most likely royal family and they’ll be given major concessions that will favor the company at tax payers expense!!
Let’s wait and see if am wrong,only time will tell!

Kaba thayu mûndû wa nyumba.

Between this project and light rail in the city I would go for light rail. Even after 100 years the developers will be saying, hey we have not yet recouped our costs. And then the cost of “maintenance” will forever be " higher" than the income. Just another project in bonoboland.

Ni wapi huku? It’s looking so clean and organized.