JKIA/KQ Crisis


4 hrs ?? ,Is the advert really portraying that meaning? Where is the pride here

Plus 3 hours in Nairobi jam. So 7 hours.
Safari ya usiku unatoka kwa nyumba asubuhi.

Damn it, KQ imeenda chini tukiangalia tu, airline business is difficult, but when run by economic terrorists it becomes worse.
KQ was just looted , nothing more.

but hasnt that always been the case?

Shiet damn

kq is a private company. klm is benefiting, akina kirubi wako Sawa, why do kenyans worry about kq? ikicollapse wakenya hawatasafiri? Then si tupatie machakos airport matatu owners association wairun, ju thts the best practice world over? wacheni kq ikufe, haitusaidii

The fact that Kenyatta’s are KQ largest share holders sickens us to the core.Sasa ndo elephants zitakufa vizuri…

Uncle Sam might withdraw the category one licence they were issued with the other day.

Watu tunajua Airport ni Machakos country bus tu comment wapi?

Huu uwongo mnatoa wapi? The largest shareholder of KQ is GoK with 50.1%, followed by the consortium of local banks at 39.1% and then AirFrance/KLM with 7.95%.

One of the biggest lenders to KQ is CBA. Plans are being mooted to convert that loan into equity! Na unajua CBA ni ya wazito. Capisce!?

Kenyatta family leases airplanes to KQ, hapo ndipo wanakulia, na pia future plans ni vile IsMundu amesema hapo juu.

The conversion of loans to equity has already been done, which is why the banks consortium owns 39% of KQ as it stands. Of the 23B or so that was converted, CBA had 3B; a big amount but not the largest lender nor the largest chunk of the loan. And yes, I know the Kenyattas have shareholding in CBA, but they control only 25% there. So, while they have a sizeable stake, si the largest by any definition.

Mambo ya plane leasing I don’t know so I can’t speak with certainty… @mayekeke tupatie leakage zaidi priss

There are two companies involved in project mawingu leasing planes to the airline. Samburu and Amboseli limited registered in Cayman Islands. We are yet to know the owners.